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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

wow, I'm tire.... snoOOOOORE!

Yes, I am tired. I got up this morning and wondered what the fluffly thing underneath me was. I had at that moment hoped it was Danni Minogue, sadly I was mistaken, 'twas me mattres. As I traversed the 18Km's that lie irritatingly between my residence and my place of educational enlightenment I was astonished at the sheer ferocity of my agitated state. I couldn't help but start the day off with some Korn. Once inside the establishment that is my school, I opene my locker and got out a stack of wonderfull Biology queries so I could hand them out to some snotlings of the 3rd grade (in our country that's the folks between 14 and 15 (some are 16 but those are the less fortunate ones). Ah, but wo to me, the teacher wouldn't let me. Why you aks? Because for once he had something usefull to teach the students (first time I ever heard him say that). Wo to my suroundings; something kinda snapped. Not that bad I thought twitching my right brow. then I collected some queries I had spread around earlier, and found out that even for a 17 year old with advanced what not classes it is fucking hard to read, damn iliterits (sp?). I mean, the word "specific" isn't university language, right? anyhoo, thusfar my rantings, the rest was pretty funny, as seen I was needed for some html helpdesking again (simple flaw of a link being "blabla.html" and the file being "blabla.htm").
Then i came home did a emergency landing on bench and went to never never land (the original version, not the perverted loony town that MJ made of it).

After that I went and played a game of soldat (spas kicks ass). And finally I set forth to conquer my advanced math. During the brief period of flicking through my math book I spotted this chapter: "Mathematical heights", nothing wrong you'd say, but subsequently I spotted this one: "Three at a time".......... Now call me a hyperpuberal teenage titlark, but that there just makes you think doesn't it?
YEAH I THOUGHT SO! goodbye I'm of to watch ED! Erwin

PS: sry mensen geen nederlands vandaag, geen zin in. En voor de mensen die het leuk vinden lees het Engelse stuk maar



At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going on the spelling nazi tour.
Illiterate is the word. When complaining about illiterate people...DON't spell illiterate the wrong way :P
The htm /html a thing I have to take in account regulary because the program I use, saves files as htm. It bothered me a bit in the past, making me check everything and finding out that it was just this stupid L that was the problem.

I'm tired as fuck too, but somehow I'm going to drag myself to a party that STARTS at 11pm and stay there and probably drink to much beer. Which will down my performance on tomorrow's ninjitsu training drastically.
Meh one friend is in Enschede at the WK soccer below 20yrs NL vs Germany and another friend was a bit tired and had lots of stuff to do and isn't sure if he goes.
Rant rant rant..I'm gonna be even more tired tomorrow.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because I'm literate doesn't mean I'm perfect at English.

At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
See you.


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