Life in Groningen

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just saw Zombieland...

And I'm starting my blog again. Don't know about what yet, but it's gonna be somewhere in the neighborhood of films, and shit in my life. But not so much about the bad stuff. Last couple of months made me see more cool en sweet stuff in this world.

So upcoming months will see a redo of the blog and a clear new definition of the blog.

Teh Beens


Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yeah, so, I'm feeling a little "lightheaded" right now. And me thinks I've got a cold coming along. But that's not all, come to think of it, the strain on my neck has lifted too. What happened you say? The barbershop happened. I think I must have left 3 pounds (metric) of curls down there. You've guest it the dude on the left is me. (compare it against my profile pic and such)

I was of the opinion that after about a year and a half the hair should come off, the gig was up, and the like. So I did it. It feels kinda weird but familiar at the same time.

So, just you know. 'till next time.



Thursday, August 21, 2008


Alrighty, check it, yo! An hour or so and some newly aquired photoshop skillz later and we have a stylized background that irritatingly sticks to your screen, mwuhahahaha!
Still looking into the option of putting it on both sides and scripting it thusly to accommodate any resolution. Though I might also just find that too much work.
Now lets shave that week old beard of mine.

Oh yeah, and in my search for material for the BG I found this lil video:

yes, the LHC does give me a hadron.



Monday, August 18, 2008

eh wah?

yes, the healing has begun... or something.

I started fooling around in my blog template again, so don't worry about all the weird shit you see in front of you.

Hmm, now to find out how to de-white my blog title, get a more multi-resolution friendly table system, etc, etc.

Well see you guys in a bit. I'm in need of some food first and after dinner there's some more studying to do.


Saw it on today, together with the text:
They are fast, nasty, and like a smaller type of zerg.
Which is quite ironic, since the Zerg are actually based on the 'nids. SC was supposed to be the 40k pc game until games-workshop withdrew. Funny.