Life in Groningen

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Life is like...

...pillaging a trade vessel headed for Jamestown, you never know what you're gonna get!
-Guybrush Threepwood

And yes I finally got myself round to installing Monkey Island 4 "ESCAPE FROM MONKY ISLAND!" again. Dear lord the game is funny. I shed many a tear last night when rolling of my chair. And even though I've played the first three chapters like 10 times I still seem to find stuff that I haven't seen or heard during the previous ten attempts!
Thank the Emperor for the old school point and click adventures!

Talking about pirates: We checked Pirates of the Caribean 2 thursday. It was not so much a wow. It was entertaining, but cheesy at times, though the zombie pirates in 1 were cool, the "sea-creature-fused-pirates" in 2 rock! That's the only really cool thing in the movie. Oh yeah that and the fact that Jack got to hold a still beating hart in his hands. Biggest downside: THEY DIDN'T FINISH THE STORY!!! THERE'LL BE A THIRD FILM! Which, dispite it's probable avarageness we will need to see, because we want to know how it all ends.

And another note, there will be a Medusa V event in Groningen on the 12th of august. I'm entering with my Storm Angels. May the Emperor be with us and may our enemies lack deployment skills (yes even more so than me!)



Thursday, July 20, 2006


-Sergeant Markos' last words after being knocked out at the battle for Tape's Line.

He was found in more or less a living state after the Tau retreated, he is now recouperating in sickbay waiting to take the fight to those blueskinns in the future!

It was a grim battle and much was lost, but victory is in our hands!

Say what?
I won a 1500pts Take and Hold yesterday versus TauTim. In the beginning a lot of my dudes got shot up but in the end it was the stubborn assault lead by Sergeant Markos that won the day. (O'Shavah rolling two 2's and two 1's on a charging assault helps too!) He actually survived about 3 to 4 rounds of CC against Tim's normal Shas'O with bodyguard and O'shavah on top. Some really sucky rollingon Tim's behalf and some totally pwning save rolls on my behalf made Markos the man of the match. (I actually rolled three 5's one round and three 3's the next on saving throws.)
Markos subsequently managed to kill O'shavah and the other Shas'O and some gundrones.
(love that powerfist) So this is an hommage to Markos:

Sergeant Markos was and still is my most active model, he has seen battle in all major conflicts of the L'orn Campaign (also known as the Dron Defiance) and is a veteran of both the ongoing Tyrannic wars and Tau campaigns. He has seen battle against the vile servants of the dark gods on numerous occasions and he has seen the red in the eyes of many a necron before extinguishing it. He's a master of infiltration and will always be found there where the fighting is the fiercest (and generally most dangerous for both sides). It's a fair guess that he has the highest body count in my army.

Though not always as lucky as last battle he almost always gets his points value back two fold. And as of yesterday I'm starting an HQ kill count. That's two stripes from yesterday, WHO'S NEXT!!

PS: Hmm, looking at the pictures I see there are some little dots that need touching up and I need to get "Markos" written down on his armor somewhere.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


'ere he is!
First off I want to say that after reviewing the pics there is some tweaking to be done, but that will be 5 to 10 minutes work tops.
here we go:

That's him though a bit blurry (the lighting wasn't perfect last night and well, I'm no pro)

Backpack, the gs looks a bit rough, but that's cause I filed it a bit, after painting it'll look as smooth as a babies bum. here you can see the added exhausts, some of the improvised joints and the fuel canister for the flamer.

Lefthand side, the boltpistol with purity seal and the link up cables that protrude from the fore arm.

Ah yes, the legs, I did some easy gs moddig here, just adding some strips to make it look reinforced, and I added the "plated crouch guard" to make it look techmarine-like.

Closer view of the left leg.

Front view, the axe is very blurry, but the head can be seen pretty good here. It's one of the plastic scout heads with a gs gas mask thingy.(only just noticed that the cam focused on the servo arms on the backpack here >.<)

Better view of the face, also here you can see the chest plate. Two pieces of thin plasticard placed around the skull that was on the chest. And the rased throat guard, also plasticard with a gs finish. (looks oddly rough but it ain't!) You can also see a blurry plasma cutter. This pic also gives a good view of some of the stuff I used for the servo's, mostly chainswords and plasticard for the arms and multimelta canisters for the joints.

Another face shot. Less blurry axe, here you can see it's the tech axe from the 3rd ed metal techmarine. He looks oddly clown like with all the different colors (that's what you get when using old bits and the odd painted or undercoated part) That reddish thing on the right chest is supposed o be a plug for a link up cable (so that the reverred brother can converse with the machine spirits)

well folks that be about it.
I'll try and get some better all round pics up when I undercoated him.



Sunday, July 16, 2006


I wont be posting pre paint pic today afterall.
I was trying to speed dry the GS on my tachy dude, but the lamp was too hot:

shi... molten plastic happens, that means I'll be doing some repair work with gs.
It'll be fine, it's just gonna take more time.

ins hort: fnuck!