Life in Groningen

Thursday, September 15, 2005


now that I've settled in the comfy desk chair in front of our sweet sweet dual flats, I got some time to do a more elaborate post.

I tried to do some good sleeping this week but that didn't work, mostly cause my head is still spinning from certain encounters with certain people at school. Next to that all is quite well... well at least over here it is, cause New Orleans is still the "New American Waste Pond" and there seems to be a new lady of the wind heading for the US, this time Bush had over 50000 peeps evacuated in ... North Carolina was it? And in Iraq Al'Qaida popped another bomb, this time in the middle of some 1000+ construction workers having a demonstration. Lots of peeps died, which is a thing to be morned by all. And indeed that was not all, cause in Africa some country seems to have probs with civil unrest which means there will be a big pile of dead people mounted in the middle of nowhere for the hyena's to find very soon. And then there ... yes there's more.... there is the whole Protestant/Catholic riots in Belfast which erupted after last weekend's Orange march... Kinda makes me fel guilty since it was a Dutch guy who conquered Northern Ireland when he was 'king' of Brittain or something. OH and I almost forgot the UN meeting this week SUCKS!!! IT IS'NT GETTING US ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! at least that was what Coffee dude would have said if he realy wnted his message to be heard by those damn cheap ass countries that won't (cause they sure as hell can!) give 0.7% percent of their nations income to the development of third world countries.

Wow, if you were one of those christians that follows the bible by the letter: get yr self a bomb shelter and canfood and water for the next 100 years, for the apocolyp[se is upon us... woooooo .

ah the wrodl, how wonderfully fucked up man made it.

now baxck to the smaller world that I call me:
Is it possible for a guy to fall in love with multiple women? If so? WHY! Choosing is so hard....... anyway I'm giving it a shot (a real one this time) at oje of the girls at school. Wish me luck.......... *gulp*.

So returning to reallity my REAL training (cause last weeks training sucked donkey's eyesockets right out) will start tonight. Hopefully mister Patrick knows what to do. And I'll be doing PE with some other grade just for fun..... and certain people that are also taking part in that particular exercise.

Nuf done nuf said, next few weeks I'll be trying to get my head to gether plan my school year untill Xmas and loading the few real holidays with booze, tits (hopefully) booty, coins and papers and lots of 40king (as the new Noorderspel will probably be 1000 pts, which makes it harder for me to win).

cya guys im off, got soe serious soldatting to do!

Erwin B

PS: guys froms chool start checking and spamming!........ famous actors!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

short update

schools started again, busy times, lot of plans.

though the world is still the same, black people drowning, protestants and katholics living like heathens, american soldiers biting dust chinese out of gas, nice chicks at school and more frequent shoot outs in our lil' ol' country.

nuff said, i'll update fo'real tomorrow (I think) with my plans for the upcoming times.
Anyway, I just got a lot on my mind, from educational hazards to emotional/social plans and dreams, I need to get this stuff to work before upcoming holiday or I will end up like a washed up old poor virgin.... and we don't want that to happen.......


PS: I gave the forum a! now go forth and register my schoolmates! (pff fags, only 10 members..)