Life in Groningen

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

KUT avec des poires

(for chris: that's cunt with pears, a common dutch verb, more or less simmillar to FUBAR)

Yeah it sucks. I gotta wait untill the 4th of may untill Veronica Mars 2x17 comes out. >edit.... my bad, it said 04-05-06. But I forgot it was the US style date... So I should be able to down 2x17 tomorrow :P)<

On top of that I'm zergd with studying everything about all subs at school. We're getting tests for math and chem that include..... EVERYTHING the books have to offer.
Arg....... And physics is about "energy systems".... first thing I really don't have a clue about which end is which of the proverbial physics horse. And on top of that I HAVE to get my text for Dutch ready and get a new test-block (in reversed order) in order to con myself through three agonising hours of telling my teach that different beliefs should live coöperatively at school in stead of being bound to the rules of one beliefsystem. And parallel to that I need to get my head around those damned poems and that text about the damn boat.

But all is well that ends well. Goals for upcoming week:
A- score AT LEAST 7.6 out of 10 for physics (other wise my grade sinks and I want to end up with a rounded 8 out of ten for my exams.)
B- get an average grade on my literature (so I won't have to redo it all)
C- get an average grade on my Dutch (cause it sucks and i don't want to depend on my finals)
D- score 7 or higher out of 10 on chem and maths. This way all my profile subs are a liiiittle above average and I get bragging rights.
E- get a party started around easter.