Life in Groningen

Friday, October 13, 2006

What the?

It's a conspiracy... well at the least a controversy!
And to think that I just noticed it. Let me explain with a small image:

This is a schematic representation of part of our campus.
A is the Natural sciences and technology institute (my place)
B is the international living residence (coïncidentally located right next to e a crematorium)
C is the only zebra the crosses that big ol road
D Is the busstop
And to the right you can see the road leading to the sportscentre

Now the thing is if we want to go to the busstop (from A to D) in a LEGAL manner. We need to walk all the way to the IS residence, cross the road and walk back again. What is this? Do they think that we are all nerds (... okok we are) who love studying so much that we practically spend our nights at the institute and will not be needing the busstop?
Same thing goes for the sportcentre. What were they thinking? "oh gees, they're all nerds, they doon't do sports sp they don't need a direct road leading to it." WTF MAN! It's a conspiracy to make all Beta student into ubernerds! It's such a subtle plan that I didn't even realise it untill today. If we want to do some sports or get to the busstop we either need to take the uncomfortable long walk that takes us past the IS residence or risk our lives and cross the road without using the zebra (and actually breaking the law too!).

So I ask of you why isn;t there a zebra conveniently placed at that big red questionmark? It's because normal people don't like scientists, they think we're different. Well let me tell you something mister hotshot downtown office. We are different, we're smarter than you! But for now we'll risk our lives either by walking past the IS residence or by crossing the street unprotected by tthe zebra's comforting white stripes.

Damn you city hall! We'll get u for this!

PS: sry for the crappy image, but we don't have a serious imaging program at the faculty. this one's in paint.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

life goes on

Well we totally sucked at our second match. We ended up tying at 2-2, last set being lost at 8-20 :'(.
But than again we were all on the brink of destruction before we started the match, so no worries there, we'll crush their living harts before their very own eyes next time.
Also the latest trailer of supreme commander made me search for our old total annihilation disks. When I found them though, the first disk was broken :'(. So I decided to download it. But when playing the illegal version there is no sound. Which sucks cause that's one of the strong points of TA. So nmow I've decided that I want the legal disks in good shape again. If anyone sees them for a reasonable price (say less than 20 euros). Buy them ship them to me and I'll pay you. (the core contingency would also be nice to have)

Life goes on.