Life in Groningen

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Roll call!

I just wanna know who is checking my blog on a regular bases.
I know AB, Ernst, David, Maarten, Chris and my uncle check in regularly. But who else? Some other people told me they read this, but they never reply. So go on... don't be shy guys and gals, just click on "comments", then leave your name and yo numba, and I'll get back to you!
I know there are frequent visits by someone from Nijmegen en Nieuw-Buinen (Eef en ...? gokje)

anyway, it's your choice to leave your name here, just know that if you don't... I KNOW WHERE YA LIVE.... oops, no I don't....



Tuesday, June 06, 2006

teehee, mexicans are funny... si!

damn, my bro sent me this link:
Pablo Francisco
I know, I know, it's 50 minutes, but worth your time! It changed my life >.<
Enough about that, just watch it and you'll agree he owns (it's all english though)

Other news:
I started work on my homemade full servo harness.... some things look better than I hoped and some stuff didn't quite work out the way I wanted it. The servo arms are well under way and are looking quite good. They're a kitbash of leftover-hackedup-chainswords, glued together hubcaps and some plasticard. The thing I'm less pleased about is the plasma cutter. Cause the plasma pistols I'm using are bigger than the cutter that is on the GW-servo harness. A problem that needs solving. In the mean time I still have to figure out how I'm going to make (holy shit will these people stop interrupting me with there dumb ass phone calls! NO! my dad AIN'T here! He's at my great ant's funeral!) the other two servo arms, seen I'm running out of chainswords and hubcaps......
Ai caramba!

Apart from that work is still fine and so, so. I have a humongous lunchbreak today just to bring in my books at school. (and to write this piece o' crap in the meantime)

I also wanted to get something clear about foamparty nights at the Fox:
-WOMEN if you are going to a foamparty then actually GET IN THE FOAM! It's much more fun.
-Bring a frikkin towel and dry clothes.
-DO NOT take your best shoes unless they're waterproof!

that'll do!