Life in Groningen

Saturday, May 13, 2006

LSD was one hell of a rip trip!

That it sure was! lets start at the beginning. Wednesday night we did some decorating (till 23.00) and thing is the janitor left us alone for about an hour. So we cracked open a cold one (or two... three). Some guys got the idea of drinking a brew on the principals chair (that's IN his office). we had a good laugh and finished up for the night.

That thursday we went to school early (about 7.15). And made sure that about 7 classes ahd the first period free by blockading the doors from the incide with some tables and books. And we actually got two teachers to give there lessons outside in the warm sun. Yes, people were gratefull indeed. Now I'm not gonna sum up all that went wrong cause that'd spoil the fairy tale that it went smoothly (some people honostly thought that there were no problems at all!) and we don;t want that.

The LSD party from 12.00 till 15.30 was rockin the house! we had a killer opening and one HELL of a good volleyball match versus the teachers. Man that was good. And to top it off we ended the whole thing with a beautifull performance by Evil-D's Band TwIIce. Seriously man, THANKS! You guys owned!

After that we had to clean the whole place up and start geting ready for the gala (damn tables!). PROPS TO HENK-JAN FOR THE GALA (and speach :P). Everybody in suits and dresses. Great time! I'll get a pic up with me in suit, I swear all I need is an earpiece and sunglasses!

Aaaand after that there was more cleaning. But at the end of the day we had a killer bash at Fox.... What can I say, I'm content with the outcome of that ^^'
Let's just not go into details.

I'm still a bit hazy from the 24 hours party spree and Ernst is giving a BBQ party over at his house tonight! Awaaaay we go!


PS: Mad props to the guys who snatched the flag from Commenius (other school in Stadskanaal) and hoisted it in our flagpole!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Almost holidays

Damn I had one of them "almost holidays" again. FRIKKIN' good weather, 'nough beer, but too much to do. I still need to contact a couple of guys about a farmfull of animals including a monkey, I think. We had to do some work on the front "yard" (if that's what you call that 6-by-4 piece of flower bed), still working on my Dutch finals preperations, had to buy some pressies for my English teach cause he's quitting the job end this year and we're his last "mentor"class, and there was still loads to do for LSD (the day not the drug, Chris!).

But all in all I had quite the nice holiday, sadly no time to go to the beach or people to share that awesome quality time with seen they were all away.

WARNING PEEPS THAT DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT 40K SKIP THE NEXT PART! But on the other hand that gave me plenty of time to do some assembly and painting. I've nearly finished the assembly of the third sniper scout and I've got me a fourth sniperrifle done, just need to figure out what sexy pose I'm gonna give the wielder. I also finished my first commission (pics will follow as soon as my dad jacks the cam from school tomorrow). It's a Death Gaurd champion complete with smelly, pussy, extra openings in his armor, a power fist, bolt pistol, demonic mutation, sculpted mark of nurgle and some extra exhausts on his backpack which are supposed to WYSIWYG for that gasious thing Nurgle guys can pick.
Besides that I've been scavenging parts for a techmarine with full servo harnass. I already have one servo arm (from an old techy backpack) and the flamer and twinlinked plasma pistol were found in the "firearms" department in my bitzbox. Some old hubcaps from my bikes and some othe pooha will do the trick, now all I need is a thin sheet of plasticard and something to construct the other three robo arms on the back pack with....

That and I got to play two games of 40k yesterday. One Recon versus TauTim. Good game very exciting, lots of casualties including both commanders (haven't played a game yet where he doesn't die). It ended in a draw where he had his stealth suits in my deployment zone and I had one of my Tac squads in his. Good game!

Second was a K-points fourway with my Storm Angels facing of against Nids(Arjan), Imperial Gaurd(Gerard) and Death Gaurd(Rolf). 'T was a massacre! Sadly my Dread, Tac squad and techy saw the end of the tunnel early on (turn 3 or so). But on the other hand they did take quite some shit with them. My landspeeders did there share of pumpin' too. But my assault squad and commander rocked the house by killing almost the entire IG contingent by themselves. They were responsible for a demolisher, chimeira, Kasrkin squad, heavy weapons squad and three squads of gaurdsmen. Woots! Damn shame my commander wanted to do the heroic thing and assaulted an entrenched squad of DG and lost his last wound to a rusty knife :'(

All in all it was a good game. Only thing left standing at my end were three assault marines. Arjan had his Flyrant and Gerard had his HQ command. But the pantsy coward Rolf nearly had his entire contingent alive at the end of the game, but he didn't kill that much.
Good times were had by all.
MY list (before Chris starts bugging me about it :P)
HQ: master with Jumppack, IronHalo, Twin LC's, Termie honors.
ELITES: Dread with Heavy flamer AND Techmarine with boltpistol.
TROOPS: Tac squad, 8 guys, plasma cannon and gun, veteran with power fist and plasma pistol. AND Scout squad, 8 guys, veteran with powerfist.
FAST ATTACK: Assault squad, 8 guys, veteran with power weapon, furious assault. AND two loose landspeeders.
I know mentally unstable me for not giving my master frag grenades....
That's it.

You can read on now ^^'.
As for next week, still need to do some preps for the big ol' stunt on thursday AND I needs me a place to crash from wednesdaynight till fridaymorning (that's two nights).
I bought me a suit for the gala, though, so that's done, got me a new pair of swimming shorts, GIMME THAT WATER! And I'm in money probs again (stuff is expensive!) But not to worry my classmates now owe me €1,20 each so that'll be cleared up soon enough.

In other news I have reason to believe that Renee (yes that cute lil girly) now has a relationship with my good friend Michiel. Note her name says "Ik hou van jou"
(I love u in dutch, chris) and his name says ""ik ook van jou" (luv ya too in dutch), besides I saw it coming miles away.
At first I felt a bit.... betrayed, but then again that would be totally ungrounded and It'd be a bad thing for me too loose two good friends just cause I'm an idiot. So I wish them a happy time together. So on with it then, I need to start fishing in that big ol' sea again :P!!