Life in Groningen

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Alrighty, check it, yo! An hour or so and some newly aquired photoshop skillz later and we have a stylized background that irritatingly sticks to your screen, mwuhahahaha!
Still looking into the option of putting it on both sides and scripting it thusly to accommodate any resolution. Though I might also just find that too much work.
Now lets shave that week old beard of mine.

Oh yeah, and in my search for material for the BG I found this lil video:

yes, the LHC does give me a hadron.



Monday, August 18, 2008

eh wah?

yes, the healing has begun... or something.

I started fooling around in my blog template again, so don't worry about all the weird shit you see in front of you.

Hmm, now to find out how to de-white my blog title, get a more multi-resolution friendly table system, etc, etc.

Well see you guys in a bit. I'm in need of some food first and after dinner there's some more studying to do.


Saw it on today, together with the text:
They are fast, nasty, and like a smaller type of zerg.
Which is quite ironic, since the Zerg are actually based on the 'nids. SC was supposed to be the 40k pc game until games-workshop withdrew. Funny.