Life in Groningen

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well underway!

The new year, all school projects and 40k is all well underway.

I've done some conversion work on my scouts. It'll be one normal Heavy bolter guy (no funny stuff), one sniper standing (the Veendam Pattern sniperrifle, some green stuff).
One guy crouching (nothing done yet, but the legs will go through hell and i'm planning something for the head. One guy with one boot on a chaos marine chest (not sure which legion though). And for the grand finaly one guy proning. This last one will be one hell of a job as seen the pose of the arms. So far 40k. (I must not forget to finish the three assault marines, two veterans and three tacticals)

As for regular life:
School partay tomorrow, nothing special just some beer some music and well... it's most likely gonna be the last school party I'll get, apart from the graduation party. And Saturday will be the first volley match of the year..... lets go kick some Nieuw-Buiner ass!


PS: I would have had pics of the scouts up earlier but my dad took the cam back to school. Soon, very soon, TAS.


Monday, January 09, 2006

In the end

All was good.
I won one versus Iron warriors, I lost one versus Iron Warriors, I lost on versus Nids (damn you AB!), I drawed one versus Necrons (because of an ubersilly last move of his destroyers and an ubersilly amount of attacks on two necron warriors.

In the end we tried a 3000 pts vs 3000 pts battle (IG, me and DA vs Nidz and Necrons)
we were just about to enter the 4th turn (three hours well into the game) when we called it a day. Man we gotta do that again! (I'll get some pics up asap)

goodday! I have one fre day left and I intend on using it to finish the first sniper modelling-wise and get ready for school and the upcoming stress........ hmm still have to write the piece of cabaret, make arrangements for a trip to Enchede (twice) and get all of those tests in order..... eek