Life in Groningen

Thursday, September 29, 2005

ph34r us!

just a minor:
you guys know I play soldat
well some weeks ago we encountered what we gamers call "the million dollar question" and the answer my friend Tim (aka Dutch, aka TheFlyingDutchman, aka Tau-Tim) gave, almost made me roll of my chair, here goes: (just for clarity I'm Siege)
[soldat]: are you guys nerds?
[SiegeDragon]: Yes!
[TheFlyingDutchman]:We are N3rdz0rs!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Sweet Emperors BBQ lighting servitor!

ok dit keer ga ik het kort houden, gezien blogger me zonet dr uit heeft gegooit voor ik mn post afhad en daar had ik toch wel eem 20 min aan gewertk:
kut weekend: loppijn, ziekte, verlies (4-0 van een staletje bejaarden uit Emmen) en weinig activiteit op zondag!

Tas-relevant stuff:
I'll keep it short, you might rmember this guy:

well they did it:

They look fucking cool, I just find that the model's arms and wings are too chunky compared to the concept. That and the head is too big and too high. I like the hulking look of the concept, where his low head makes him look more swift and "dodgy".
Oh, just on a side note: brood/squad/team(whatever) leaders do have helmets like in the concept.

And one more thing:

The girl in the middle goes to my school, every time I see her I can hardly stay focussed on any thing. But too bad for me she's probably outta my league. That and I don't even know her name.
Hey gotta have the basics before starting the endeavour, eh?