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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

world food shortage

Just heard the US is taking out another 2 billion (iirc) for food support worldwide. My first though was: Why the US? they're Shaquile O'neill deep in depts already. Let China pay some of that shit. They're a major consumer and have the money, right?

Anyway, I'll try and find more on this today and hopefully I'll be able to formulate a decent opinion on this.

Cya tonight,

Right, so I found literally JACK on the nets about this. The only thing I did find was a piece on how the food shortage is due to prices spiking which is a consequence of the global fuel shortage. Say what? Yes, apparently it's due to the shortage of fuel. You see ethanol can be produced from corn. Even in such quantities that it's profittable. So the US started making ethanol from about 20% (correct me if I'm wrong) of their corn produced! And as the US are the largest exporter of corn in the world, the world suffers. Now normally I would call the US names and rant about their incapable leadership and such. But as it is they're at least trying to do something about the fuel problems. And they're also putting more money on the table for foodsupport.

Yes, yes, China warned them of the problems that would come of the ethanol production, apparently it's one of the reasons why they didn't start producing ethanol on such a large scale using this method. Which is pretty insightful of them. I'll give them that. But this still doesn't excuse them from helping. Sure the US are almost always one of the damaging factors in these kind of things and as such they should clean up most of it, but doesn't China have some responsibility towards the rest of the world for being the worlds' biggest consumer right now? I mean they house about one-sixth of the world population! That should count for something, right? Don't they have money left somewhere, they must have I mean the US economy runs on it for gods' sake!

Storage space for money is one thing the US aren't running low on. And it's not because they're vaults are so big.


PS: hmm, I couldn't find shit about this on the nets. But in my opinion it's a major issue worldwide right now. Maybe the interweb people should focus less on the differences between people (LL is full of atheist vs theist stuff) and more on the likenesses between people. I mean, a lot of people are alike in the fact that they NEED FOOD!