Life in Groningen

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well ain't that something. I was supposed to be in surgery by now, but it's postponed. It seems they're quite busy atm. So now I'm in this webcorner doing... nothing. And msn just started to act ... oddly. keeps making a "fatal error" right after I close down the msn today window.... gah!

Well I'm here with only the internet, no msn. Means I have 2,5 hours (approximitly) to catch up on some webcomics.... and maybe.. stroll through dakkadakka to see what the massidiots have to say about anything.

I might even do some....... schoolwork :(



Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You have a what?! How long have you had that problem?

Ah, sweet world, how mush do I like making an idiot out of myself.

oel .,,« zegt:
die wil ik niet hebben
ஐ - •.°lianne°.• » .. »-(¯`v´¯)ღ » zegt:
ik heb een vriend

Ah yes, another one off the list, eh.
Man i gotta find me something to blow off on.......

Aw, to hell with it! NEXT!

Back to plan Z-2.1.5/4...........


PS: @AB: the Katana's will be slicing me on thursday. appaerantly they took the "soon" very serious ^^".