Life in Groningen

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

damn bum ass, newbie outriders

Well since last summer we've got two gw outriders in Groningen called The Lords Of War. Problem is... they suck!

I mean they're OK guys and all it's just that they know jack about organising a proper tournament.

The next one is in two weeks or so. They're asking 7,50 euros. Not a heavy price for such an event. But, and this is the problem, we only got time for two games. TWO 1000PTS GAMES FOR FRIGGING 7,50!?!?! Who the fuck handed them brains?
That and the games will be alpha level meat grinders...... laaaaame.... Where's the variation man? Those gay ass gamers haven't got a clue on what they're on about.
't pisses me of.

Arjan and me figured out you could get at least twice as much time for about the same money, maybe even less. Either they've run into the wrong buildingmanager or gw is asking part of the cut...

noobs, I'm thinking of running our own tournament called the Renegade tournament or something. Just strait up 1000pts d6 on standard mission table always gamma level play. Something in there for everyone....

Which reminds me, we still need to rig up a general FAQ for the upcoming 40k events in our little corner of the Netherlands, cause for some reason it's always the same people who think they're right about the same dumbass rules just cause they can't get with the what-you-read-is-what-you-get style of BBB. I mean COME ON Necron Destroyers are NOT skimmers, they are JETBIKES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

well.. that's as far as this update goes, see ya again when I actually finish something. I'll de-biggerise the link to my 2nd blog and I'll put in a link to my third. (yes I am a blogwhore) This new one is going to be an archive for all battle- and campaignreports that my gaminggroup and me find the time to write. It'll be illustrated with pics and all. You can find it here. It's still pretty much under construction, it needs a nice banner and some fooling around with size and links n' the like.