Life in Groningen

Sunday, September 10, 2006


so before I start blogging away on all sorts of crazy and adventures subs. I'm here to tel you about some stuff that I will be majorly floaded with.
1-work. As of yesterday I'm a donation whore in service of the Dutch Heart Foundation. I'll be stalking peoples porches once a week from now on. the good thing about this job is that it's flexible, it pays twice as much as a regular job and my cowrokers are mainly girls.
2-Chaplain. In my mind I've begun constructing a chaplain with a jump pack to lead my detachment for Noorderspel '06 (if there is ever gonna be one). I'll be using one of Aerion the Faithful's original ideas. I'm gonna use a WFB undead head (skull) as the head of my chappie. I want it to look like the skull is actually his skull, fused with his body through some abominable (is that a word?) edifice constructed by my master techmarine.
>NOTE: I can't remember where the scetch of his idea went, it might even be that it was one of freakforge's many ideas, as the Iron Souls were originally his idea.<
3-Searching for a room in Groningen. I have been to college for a week and I've already put myself in a big ass mess. I have work and sports in Groningen, both of which interfere with my original "grand scheme of things". And i might be inclined to do more on work (cash beckons). So if any ofyou gitz now a decent place that doesn't exceed 260 incl a month. Lemme know.

that's it. I'll be updating regularly (I hope) and I might be persuaded to up some pics of future "events and people".

cya round folks!

PS: dammit I still have to make for forgetting about Tim's B-day..... GET ME MAH BRUSHES!