Life in Groningen

Saturday, July 08, 2006

not myself lately

apparently im not myself lately.
I'm a veteran when it comes to organising parties and the like, yet I still; managed to screw up here. I shoudl have foreseen that people wouldn't read my mail, because my gmail isn't in their "safe list" yet (goddammit people CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL! there might be something in there worthwhile). And I should have foreseen that planning today just one and a half week in advance is THE date wasn't such a smart idea.
Yet there is also the fact that it IS the summer break and that DOEs mean that 50% is either on vacation somewhere in yallayallaland (damn rich friends) and the other 50% is working (even on saturdays!)

Now I can wine about this forever, but there are just certain things that I'd like to pass on to you folks:
when organising a party:
-make sure people get to read the mail :p
-make sure you pick a date that wouldn't normally be used by some special day (bad example: 25th of december)
-get a sort of even mix of male and female participants, makes it more fun
-pressure people in answering the damn mail fast AND THROUGH A FUCKING MAIL
COMON PEOPLE! when I ask for an answer by mail ANSWER BY MAIL!!!! it's not that hard!
you get the mail, you read the mail, you check your schedule, you answer. it's four fucking easy steps!

that be it.
place doesn't matter just solong you don't piss off the neighbours (too much)
I'm out

PS: the small fridge is outside with cold beer, backyard here I come!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just notifying you of...

...the fact that I'm off for a week, and unless I can find an e-café somewhere that is el-cheapo I won't be updating upcoming week.

I will also be using this post (read editing it over and over again) to notify you of things I have finished and are "crossed out" on the "to do" list below.
First off is cleaning the room.
I would have finished my techmarine if it wasn't for a sudden case of sleepyness, a lil family gathering on behalf of me graduating and the fact that I am now modding his legs with greenstuff in stead of plasticard. (it's more time consuming, but a little easier)

so, cya in a week probably

PS: damn, though more people can come to my party on the 8th of July, there are still a lot of people that aren't able to come >.<