Life in Groningen

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

what ze fack?

So that was that, first season of VERONICA MARS (kickass series, you all download... NOW, people! Gogogogogogo!) MAN I'm going to spoil it to you guys but MAN this is one of them series you will NEVER EVER figure out BEFORE the end of the season. BRILLIANT!

Something else: sheit im burried under stuff. Not so much constantly working on stuff, but more like not knowing what to do about what and in what order. Not to talk about the constant and insessint soft wining from my parents.

Agh and then there's this thing called Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic....... one word: Slaaaave.

...hmmm not so much to update then.
well.. just that we don't really have "lessons" anymore. Just exam training.... laaaaid back, with my mind on my hunnies and my hunnies on my .
NO NOT IN CLASS MAN! Whatta ya think? I doin' it IN class? you sick little homeless puppy.

signing off..

PS: just gotta get this butt thing done.... I can say but one thing: ASS!