Life in Groningen

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kei week is done!

Holy crap what an experience. Last nights...... (yeah lets just call it that) was amazing! I don't have too much to say about it. It basically was a week of non stop partying, that's all. I've met some interesting people I must say and I'm sure I'll have some... interesting times with them.

Nuff about that, there's a lot of stuff to do next few days and next week. I just had a job interview with a company alled "streetwise". They muster donations for charity (heart foundation, SOS children villages, etc, etc.), if all goes well I'll be knocking on doors and making people sign. I really like the prospect of working here, the hours are flexible, the pay is good, the people nice (especially the girl who was on a job interview opposite of me>.<) but most important of all I actually do something good (arjan said irritating, but that's not the main reason).
What else.... ah yes, Berrie's farewell party on saturday. A friend of mine is going to Thailand for six months. Three months of voluntary work (mainly teaching) and then three months of backpacking. So we'll celebrate our friendship one last time before he goes. He'll be keeping a blog diary that I will link from this site. I wish him well.
after saturday I'll be packing for monday, cause on monday the introcamp starts, which will last two days. On a side note, Keri (good friend) turns 18 on tuesday, so we'll have something extra to celebrate. Oh and I'l try and get a pic up of my deceased shoes >.<

that be about it,

PS: I almost thought I lost it today. I was in Krikke and actually considered buying the army box (160 euros). Good thing I'm still a tad sane, eh? I might buy it in the future, but first I need to secure my finances (ie ze work thingie).