Life in Groningen

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

foooood... yARRRRR!!!

Yarr me maties!
I be at the faculty right now and I be hungry as a drunken scallywag on Christmas Eve. The mighty pirate Erwin has just finished a day of college. I'd rather be keelhauling a wail under my dinky. And now ye be askin' why I be talkin' like a nut with an eyepatch, a pegleg, hook-for-a-hand and a perot on his shoulder? Why it be international talk like a pirate day! YARRRRR!

But enough with the nonsense. Apart from irritating my fellow freshman to death with my piraty talk about adventurism and hidden and/or sunken treasuries and my detailed descriptions of the perfect keelhaul and the worst pillage, I still think that we should have a ninjapiratemonkey day.

I'll go now, for I have nothing else of value to tell unless ye be wantin' to listen to my ramblin' about how I sacked the town of dickensville clear, clean an' empty of women. Now THAT's what I call booty! YARRRR!

YOHOHO and a keg o'rum!!!

-Erwin the Extranormous