Life in Groningen

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Life could hardly be better!


Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars IS ON IT's WAY! WOOHOOO
Just watched the trailer at
YES! More GDI/NOD wars. And I'm guessing this is the stepover game (story-wise) between the RA series and the Tiberium series. YAY!

That and I checked out the gameplay trailer from Supreme Commander... one word: SSSSHHEEEEEEAAAAAAAT! THAT ROCKS!!! (ok, ok, three words)

And I've seen the trailer from patch 1.11 for WoW. THEY ARE ACTUALLY THROWING OPEN ICE MUTHAFUKKING CROWN! Kel'Thuzad is back! "You're curiosity will be the death of you!"
This means the almighty bad bitch "Arthas/Lich King two-in-one-undead-uber-mofo" will be in there not long from now. WOOoooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO death knight goodness to fight for all those paladins. I envy them players :'(
The scourge is back and now even the unforgiven are gonna get there ass wooped!

oh yeah and I checked the BF 2145 trailer... more of the same, maybe some more gamemodes better graphs, but roughly just a make over with weapon swaps and mechs in stead of battle tanks. (not even the proper kind of mechs that tower as high as apartment buildings, but the urban assault kind of pansy shrub that can't even jump a regular, low-level, sub-urb, two-story, American-friggin-dream house.

That said..... I'm pooring my paycheck from upcoming summer into one hell of a monster of a pc and the obligatory '07 releases.....


PS: oh yeah I didn;t forget the exams... don't worry mon

PPS: 40K-ers check below!


Friday, May 19, 2006

OMFGWTFBBQ %*&^$@&$*(&*


UNBELIEVABLy good free hand:

Though it didn't win the golden Demon at Baltimore (for further details read the B&C disscussion her: Linkierage

Bushido AND Jokersminis were representin' like there wuz no tomorrow!
Bushido's sweetness
Shame he got Bronze though :'(

For more Baltimore GD's:

Oh well, I'll be up there in about 20 years I guess :P



Tuesday, May 16, 2006

damn bad discipline!

I felt obliged to buy me a new buspass since I apparently don't have the discipline for selfstudy........ Ok, ok that's not the whole truth!

I'm BORED OUT OF MY SKULL!! today I even WAITED 1,5 hours untill Lord Of War was torented... HOW SICK IS THAT! (great movie btw)

Only good side is I got oceans of time to divert from... nothingness to modelling that last damn scout. I still haven't figured out, though, what posish to give him. With his uber big custom barret-ish sniperrifle his pose will be critical. Cause we can;t have scouts tipping over in battle can we. I mean, what will the senior battle brothers think? "tss, tipping over already and not even in Terminator armor."

And next to that TRY (note it says "TRY" as in make an effort, doesn't mean it's going to happen that much) to get my already godlike body into an even godlike.....-er shape.

But as title suggests, I'm gonna be back at school as of tomorrow. A. for the finals, so I can actually get some work done.
B. Cause of a new certain someone......

'nough of that stuff, as I'm currently the subject of a crosshearing by one of my fellow senior-year students, I'm obliged to cut this story short... Not that I had anymore to tell you bunch of sheeps :D