Life in Groningen

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Above the Rules

I say what? no not me.....
A friends' band....
You see a guy from my class has this band "Above The Rules" and they played soem songs today at our local cultur centre (weird name that place).
And I was seriously surprised to see that the singer was someone other that I knew... man did that kid change in two years....

anyway I just wanted to say .. they rock.

I enjoyed myself very much and if anyone of them ever reads this: keep on going!

Cya folks,

PS: I'll search for a website, if they have one. Otherwise i'll poke them untill they get one!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hello? Who's that sexy devil?

Aye, it's me ofcourse!
I know it might look horrendous to you weak-stomached folks, but to me it was pretty much a relief. Well, at least after what they did to my face last year (too much lighting makes the skin pale and the zits bloody red!)
Anyway the bad mood has cleared up a bit since tuesday. Chemistry went very well, I think. And the occasional game of chess and cards at school has made the mood relaxed.

*Het is mij! blablabla in het nederlands, ga engels lez(/r)en!*

Now on to the future (which will be the next 60 minutes).
I'll be bying me some sweet new vollyball shoes. Either these

or these

Both will cost 65 euro's so thats not the issue. The thing is, asics are really comfy and make you go bounce all the way, but the stabil's width give me better grip and stabillity. The tie breaker will be if the asics are too cramped or not, cause I remember them a bit tight of yesterday.... we wil see


Monday, October 03, 2005

negative bruutheid..................

HOLY FUCK! That hurt..... what you ask of me? A broken leg, arm, >insert appendage<, metal stave through yr nose perhaps? Slap in the nuts? Pineapple up yr arse?
No! Just the local 'penis with 70 k's of "wildmeat"' (as we dutch call it) performing a "dracula" on a certain somebody who I am very much into... (even more so then people think I am into somebody else........) while "grinning" at me with his eyes like he just beat me to the first prise compiled of 1 mill....

Confusing? Wouldn't have to be if you people would not have fed Pocon to any of the stuff I said before....

Now I dare say that this is a small socio-emotional problem compared to what other folks have but......... FU! YES, FUCK YOU! I'm going my way this time. I don't care!
Of course I'm sorry for you people with problems, and I do care, but this time i'm putting myself first, and if mister "my brains are in my willy" even dares to say anything close to what I suspect he was thinking at the time of "the event" (for lack of better words) I'm gonna damage the part he uses the least (Your guess what that might be).................... gravely............ very... VERY gravely......... and a swift kick in the nuts for desert maybe.....

next to that there's not much to report 'cept for maybe that I fucked up my math, had another run in with my Dutch Teach.... unpleasent and.... slightly.... ehm... awkward? (man I love that word, wish we had something like that in Dutch)

Oh yeah and Spells And Whistles (one of my favorite webcomics of all times) has returned! check it.
And I am not in the mood to do this shit in Dutch.. sorry Heleen......


PS: HOOO yeah that just made me feel a tad better right there...... I might just consider not bludgeoning the guy to a state which we prefer to call undeath (for the lack of a more civilized word). Buuuut, then again I would do this world a big favor if I did....
Hmmm dicissions dicissions