Life in Groningen

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The shit

Aw yeeeaaah.

You see that? Now that's one sweet looking blog. Took me a while before I got the proper sizes done. It's made for resolutions of 1024px or wider. So if it looks jagged at all and you've got your screen at 1024/768 or higher, tell me. I'll see if I can fix it.

Upcoming week I'll start updating the links section too. Thinking of killing of the rest of my blogs (those that never really got off the ground). And I think I can scratch E-Bean as well as he hasn't been updating for far longer then me. As for new links I'll probably need to divide them into blogs and other stuff. Adding LL, Utube, G-video and such is on the agenda.

As far as post content is considered. I'll be jabbering about stuff that (dis)pleases me in general and once in a while I'll embed a stream and comment on that. I've been following a discussion (or digital war if you will) between the scientologist community and a group called "Anonymous". It's pretty interesting and it once again shows how little some people think about what they're actually doing in this world. For themselves, their friends and the rest of the populous.

As for now, my hand is starting to hurt like a midget with a pointy stick on speed. And I still need that sucker next week for the last volleyball match of the season.

See you guys, next time.

PS: Don't forget to comment on the new layout, you webmonkeys, you!



Just as I've decided on a theme and color for the new look. Photoshop decides to give me the finger. Too tired and desoriented to go on. Teh bg color you see now (the dark brown on either side) is one of the main colors though.

I hope you guys can read this though.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

hello?....... hello? Anyone there?

Well great. It has been a little under a year since I posted anything, I think. It has started to sound hollow in here.

But as I am very fond of spouting my opinion about stuff that I've actually researched I couldn't help (after watching like 80 submissions from Mark Bunker and "Anonymous" on LiveLeak) but feel the need to start up my buh-log again.

See I've been chasing after opinion videos on LL, utube and G-video that have actually been submitted by more or less balanced and well informed people. Unlike the overabundant submissions of extremist thinkers (JTF, scientologists themselves, Nation of Islam supporters and so on) these are hard to find. First I really wanted to get a veeeeeLog going, but then I remembered that my cam wasn't working because of software issues. And this morning, about 10 minutes ago, I realised I still had daily outburst floating around in cyberspace somewhere.

In short I'll be using this to spout my opinions on recent events, stuff from my life (if I were so lucky to find it interesting enough) and opinions of others whom are brave or foolish enough to spout there's on whatever web-based media I encounter. Also I'll be posting, adding and removing some links this weekend. And If I find time I'll redesign this sucker into something more familyfriendly. And if I'm really bored I'll occasionally post some 40k stuff or a review of whatnot I encounter.

I just hope my buh-log will forgive me for being a twat and ignore it for almost a year.