Life in Groningen

Friday, August 04, 2006

well pics are up...

...sooner then I'd expected:
I'm done with the first scout, it's the heavy bolter dude.
The full pic is a bit weird because I had to remaster it (pics were made during sunset)
So here we go:

That's the Heavy bolter scout fropm squad Koren. (see list below)

But that's not really why I wanted to post pics, I could've waited untill the rest was done.
The real reason is that I did my first (freehand) chapter badge and squad marking, yay!

Ah yes, my beautifully freehanded chapter badge, I tried painting some wings (mainly something that looked like the dark angel ones) but it's farking hard! So I simplified them a bit, but it still takes me longer to paint this little piece than it takes me to paint a helmet half blue. You see the winged lightning bolt that is the result. I'm very pleased with it nonetheless. Also you can see the company marking in the bottom left, said company being the tenth "scout" company.

The arrow suggesting Troops (though with scouts that is quite obvious, besides it's actually the "tactical" marking and the III suggests squad three of the company.

I know the lines look a bit sloppy,
but keep in mind that in real life that little masterpiece is

Well actually a little bit smaller even, but I don't wanna be responsible for any eye damage received while forcing your face within dangerous proximities of your screen.

I'll be seeing ya and you'll be seeing more spiffyness soon, same web same site (cheesy),


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Okok, forget the restyle...

...I've got enough to do as is apparently >.<

I'm really making progress on my painting this week (not surprising since I'm painting like 8 hours a day now).
I expect to have pics up of the finished sniper scouts early next week (monday or so).
I'll also be posting pics of the army I'll be taking to the Medusa weekend. I've got lots of work before that (hmmm less than one and a half week, this will be a tight one). As I plan to redo most of the army, especially my old metal scouts who need some serious tinkering to look the same standard as mista Markos :/

But if all goes well I'll have them done in time. In the meantime you can see if there aren't too many flaws in my list:

1000 pts “Storm Angels” Space Marines
2nd Company Captain Chorus - 156
Twin Lightning Claws
Jump pack
Iron halo
Terminator Honours
Frag grenades
Melta bombs

Tactical Squad Markos - 194
8 marines
1 plasma gun
Veteran Sargeant
-plasma pistol

Tactical Squad Johnson - 184
8 marines
1 plasma gun
Veteran Sargeant

Scout Squad Julius - 132
8 scouts
Veteran Sergeant

Scout Squad Koren - 108
6 scouts
5 Sniper rifles
1 Heavy Bolter

Assault Squad Demmin - 160
5 marines
Veteran Sergeant
-power weapon
Melta bombs
Furious Assault

Emperors Arrow - 65
1 Landspeeder
Multi Melta

TOTAL - 999

I ended my search for a feasable list with the thought that I didn't need lascannons and rocketlaunchers for two reasons: I have melta bombs and powerfists everywhere and I won't be facing more than two or three tanks per army, and if there are three tanks they'll be low armor (max 12 or so).

As you can see I have 4(!) infiltrators, jump packers (incl Cpt. Chorus) and a speeder. The latter will make mince meat out of any armor that refuses to acknowledge it as a serious threat and the formar will rip across anything that isn't tyranids (I won't be facing Arjan and I hope I don't run into Pieter).

cya folks, it's back to painting for me!

PS: Monkey Island rocks!


Monday, July 31, 2006


...*plus himself into the USB-hub* "aaaaah, feels goood"

anyway, after having NO internet or computer time at all while being HOME (not even away on vacation or whatnot). I'm back. And I've decided to change the look of this place. It's too dark. Maybe if this was an all 40k-blog I'd leave it as is, but that's not the thing.

I'm kind of thinking about "whitening" up this shanty town. I really like the white BG and the grey text that lastoneinmyuniverse has, it's much more restfull for the eyes.

So, I'll be fiddling around with the monkeys that control the world, you know, feed them a banana or two to get 'm to turn that switch etc.