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Friday, November 24, 2006

Space Elves

Yeah yeah, I know, wtf is up with all the posts all of a sudden. I can't help it, Noorderspel has sparked my fanatacism(sp?) for 40k once more (which is good). For I have purchased the new Codex: Eldar and i'd like to share my thoughts on this..... most interesting tome.

I hear a lot of people say that Eldar have become much more powerfull. I say this is not true. They are just made.... a little easier to build up. I actually dislike some of the stuff they did to it.
The Aspect Warriors for instance:
They are still just about the same, the exarchs have one extra weapon option (with some cool ones at that), but they nerfed some of the weapons too. The biting blade is no longer that sweet character killer, getting another hit with every wound scored, it now ads +1S with each hit scored in stead. Wich is nice since it means you can get your exarch on 4 attacks and a total strength of 8 (AT AN INITIATIVE OF FRIKKIN 6!). But I liked the old one better.
They also reduced the exarch powers to just being upgrades that give your guys a universal special rule from the BBB. (infiltrate, stealth, hit and run, counter attack, etc)

*woop gotta go catch mah bus, talk more tonight or tomorrow, cya -E*
*I'll finish up now, I just need to do something other than this physics homework cause I'm going nuts*

And that means they took out 'crushing blow' and some of those nice and juicy abillities. Though not all is that bad. They just took the "exotic" and turned it into "just another color".

What they DID do is beef the phoenix lords into heaven.
They have better S T I WS BS (well actually everything).
They also sport a nice 2+ save and still have the "fleet of foot".
Imagine that monstrosity speeding towards your lines. It always kills you before you do it to them. their weapons are better, they are fearless and they'll probably save any wounds made against them. And if not? Well they can't be insta killed anyway with their new rules. (Though NEVER EVER pit them against stealers or broodlords, they'll snuff it, I'd guess)

Take Jain Zar:
When she charges she sports a healthy 5 attacks at S7(executioner) at I10(banshee mask) that ignores normal saves with a WS7! That could kill any elephant. So what if you don't kill that fex in one go. It needs three wounds to kill her in the same round since she can't be insta killed!
Or Baharroth: also 4 or 5 A's on charge, power weapon (S4 though), ws7, I6. And if he doesn't get the job done he does a simple hit and run and he's out!
That and he's got an average speed of 21" (charge included)!

And than there's Maugan Ra with his new maugetar, it now sports 4 shots, and it RENDS AND PINS! (AND shuriken canons are now assault!)
I mean WTF!

Sure you pay a whopping 200 or so points, they kick fucking ass!

I'll leave it at that. There should only be one reason for any army to buy it. For the Eldar it's the new wraithlord model. Have you seen what they did with that sweet plastic on MAN i gotta go convert me one of those!



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

well here it is.

The list I used.

I was happily surprised about the effectiveness of the snipers. And As always my infiltrating tactical squads and souts did a mighty fine job.

There is actually nothing in my army that didn't do it's job. I just had some flaws in my tactic and some very bad dicing (the landspeeder missing a whirlwind 4 turns in a row while they're 4" apart).



Sunday, November 19, 2006

Here it is kids

that long awaited post.
Anyway I'm going into details on the weekend, cause I forgot to bring back the camera and so there are no pics to explain shit.

Other than that, the tourney was fun as hell, lost one game, drew two and won two, though the two wins didn't count towards the tourney :'(
And as always there were humoungesly cheesy lists, that actually sucked more than the balanced lists. I feel pain, since if I had played against the top players i might have had a better chance of winning some damn games.... why? Cause their lists is exactly what my list is built for. Not that my list is targetting just one type or that those lists are bad or unbalanced (ou contraire!). It's just that they have very obvious tactics and that my army had just those key units that can easily take care of certain units..... wait are those speed freaks? Meet lascannon! Eh? landradier with chosen? Meet lascannon! Wtf? Basilisk? Leman russ? Demolisher? Meet lascannon and landspeeder with multimelta! That and i got them infiltratin' fawkers that take out them tings! While the lists that I was playing against were like... irattic? To say the least? Weird ass lists with like two vindicators, a dread and just heavy weapon tactical squads etc. What is up with that? And his tactic seemed to consist of mindless shooting at what's close...... No fun in that.

Anyway I heard there was another tournament in january, so that'll be fun. in the mean time i'll be finishing my techmarine, some more assault marines, my chaplain and a spiffy VERY late B-day gift for Tau Tim.
I'll also try to get some more pics on the blog (be they 40k related or not). And I think our house is gonna host another Battle for grunn series of games during the Xmas holidays.

cya when i get the pics! FOR THE EMPEROR!
PS: I'll post my list tomorrow (the one I used this weekend), I wish they had given away points for armylist presentation when they were grading for best army (40k/fantasy/warmachine) I'd gotten 2 extra points for that! Now I just lost! gah dammit!