Life in Groningen

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Fabricator General has a twisted soul.

It's 3:52 (EST+1) at the moment of posting, friday night. Why, you ask me, do I post at such a time on a friday night..... saturday morning? Well, because I had to finish the inner workings of my 40k carrying case. I bought mine at the local DIY store, so it came without the spiffy unit holding foam. I made mine from polystyreen foam. 5 Hours and one hell of a mess later Strike Cruiser 'Bob' is ready to go. The problem now is that I've got to be at the barber in 4 hours AND I have to play two to three games of 40k this afternoon do kill all those who would oppose the Imperium of man and to safeguard 'Hell's Slingshot'. On top of that I'm going for a game or ten of pool and a pint (or 8) after that. So you probably won't hear from me untill late sunday, early monday. (Life sucks dun' it?)

I don't know if we can get pictures with that medusa report though, cause ye ole' man has taken the digicam with him to Austria this... yesterday morning, gleefully declaring that he probably wouldn't even be using it that much because he wanted to stick to his "trusty old chemical" camera. (They woke me at 6.00 to see them off) Maybe there will be someone else with a cam, but we'll see... wankers.

I'm off, the upcoming few weeks will be fun, tiresome and a new experience. The introduction camp is coming, right after the KEI-week. And after all that it's University time!



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

well that's done

Scout Squad Koren is finished! Finally! Now I have to do those 8 CC scouts, oh dear me!

'ere we goes:
The full squad, six dudes, one killing machine:

Just 5 guys have chapterbadges since the 6th guy has his cloak over his shoulderpad:

And all 6 dudes show off my beautifully freehanded squad markings (needs some blue here and there though)

One of my kidbash/plasticard creations: the bipod barret (though actually a normal sniperrifle)

Here you can see him adjusting his scope, which I did just for the feeling cause in the 41st millenium the scope will adjust by itself I imagine...

And finally the ultimate sniper badass: Sergeant Koren, *he's soooo dreamy!*

That's all, I'm off to fix up the eight metal (damn you gw!) CC scouts I'm using upcoming weekend. lotsa work to do!