Life in Groningen

Sunday, July 23, 2006

First list is up

List one:Version 23-07-A

List two:Version 23-07-B
(that second rhino is a razorback)
Take into account: the plasma pistol on Markos stays, why? It's his thing. And he IS gonna fight in this war, one way or another.

Also the only traits that I'll ever use are "No mercy, No respite" and "See but don't be seen", for fluff reasons. My standard drawbacks are: "Die standing" (minor) and "Eye to Eye" (major).

Any comments? I don't have that wide an assortment of models left, but I think I can get my snipers and rhino done before the 12th of august. Also if need be I can finish a new model/squad before said date.

have fun kids