Life in Groningen

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Life sucks..... just not me....

Well that was another gruesome day of tests.
Mathemagician mister BXM wipped up a fresh strand of test for us. It sucked!
I'm still working on one if the assignments and I will untill I figure it out.... (cya next year). Good thing is though, that if I manage to get 26 out of 100 I'll still have 65 out of 100 avarage when I start my finals. That means I can still get a 46 or so on my finals (which will hopefully not happen).

But back to business, I'm changing the "daily chick pic" to just the daily pic. This will include anything I come across. Even disturbing stuff. One reason is that I'd like to make this place a liiiiittle less offending to the female part of the population. And it's really hard to get a decent pic that is of better quality then the girl from "de drie gezusters" (stop wining Bro Ert, it's not like you don't have deviating tastes from time to time). So on to the next best thing. I'll see that I get a cam and get some stuff up from school, might take a while, but it could be fun for Chris to see what kind of succubi run around the hell we call school.

Next thing is this whole "who's so cute" thing you people have going on. Come on folks can't a guy have a little project going on without interference? Besides I was thinking of sending an anonymous note: "You stole my heart, I'd like something in return." (all letters will be handcut from a large range of magazines probably only available in the Netherlands). Or maybe I'll check if she goes to the schoolfest next week and check her out when she's there.... thoroughly.

But as long as it ain't a "thing" yet, let's talk chicks (I just need to fill up a line or three before I leave you peeps to replying).
This one girl had a new shirt on today and I had to refrain from going: "Nice shirt, really brings out your breasts."
Good thing too, cause I felt them biceps and tough as I am I wouldn't like to get hit in the face with that. Besides she MUST know something about fighting, I mean her home town is infamous for producing brawlers.


PS: Just to get this strait the "new-shirt"-girl is not the "who's cute"-girl.
Just so you know......

PPS: okay, okay, that was a little more then "a line or three". STOP WINING. GO REPLY!