Life in Groningen

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Yes I am excited!
I was browsing some trailers just now and look what I came across:
spiffy stuff
Yes! I know it looks great and by the used handguns I say it's got a bit of a "firefly"ish taste. Oooooooh, and maaaarshal aaaarts..... in outer space that is....
btw: yes I did say holy fucking ass crack.
Next to that the only film that got my undies stirling was this one:
holy shit this is funny

Just thought you guys should know.


PS: sometimes I just wish she'd grab my head and jam it between her th.... oh wait... err... just forget about that one ^^


Monday, June 20, 2005

This ain't fucking Spain!

holy crap on a stick... smelting that is.
It's ffing hot in the lowlands here. I know I shouldn;t complain cause in Aus it can get 20 degrees Celsius HOTTER, sometimes, but holy hell we're not supposed to go over 25 degrees in this country..... Damn you god for inventing the greenhouse efect (or what ever you call it in English?. Though this weather does create a verdant amount of summerstyled clothing..... swet miniskirt. (mental note to self: thank the man that invented the miniskirt)
The current situation so happens to be why I made another soon-to-be legendary quote:
"Mikki, don't wear any less clothes, I've got it hot enough as it is." (Mikki being a girl at my school)
Anyhoo. I'm stressign otu a bit cause our beloved *cough splurt* chem teach is back.... and angry so it seems. He thinks we haven;t done anything for chemistry and Info tech. Well I'd say 12 hours of work on a single subject in two and a half weeks is quite some work. (seen i only have three hours of official chem class per week). He was threatening things and people all over the place, this made me come to a wise decission: Avoid and try again tomorrow.......... Man it's hot today.

Meh, geen zin in Nederlands, het enige wat ik wil zeggen is dat het wreed heet is. Klont is terug (woepdiedoe). En de twee dagen voor de toetsweek zijn niet genoeg voor mijn PO's. (heeft iemand nog Duits lees formular toevallig? (PLS!))
Maar dat merken jullie vanzelf. Ik zit er trouwens over te denken om ons Bio werkstuk beschikbaar te stellen vanaf volgend jaar in de Media, zeg maar wat je van het idee vindt.