Life in Groningen

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I should kick myslef in the &^*%$

for getting myself into so much extra curicular stuff.

First off: GSA-> still writing cabaret and planning on loosing every ounce of dignity I have.

second: LSD-> Oh, my.... you guys will love it! only thing is I'll be busting my hump to get everything in order on time!

third: the X-mas volleybal tournament-> dammit some people are either really dumb or the bureaucracy (sp?) makes you think they are.....

fourth: I'll be 18 in 17 days! woots! and of course that'd be in need of celebrat'n.
the bigga probo is that I'm inviting 45+ peeps. And this being a world where very few people actually READ their mail (w4nkZ0rz). It's kinda difficult to get all'a them hereZ.

anyway I'll be hosting a little 40k weekend at mah house in the upcoming Xmas holidays so that's still tight, I'll be trying out my new 1000 pts list for Noorderspel 2006 (if it's still on that is!)

So now you know what I've been up to.

back to my headache and the headache inducing organising..... godthing I can put most of this crap on my "Curriculum Vitea" in the future......