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Sunday, February 18, 2007

(insert name) Craftworld Guardian

So as I have mentioned several times I wanted to start an eldar army. Having acquired the new 'dex a box of guardians and a warlock I sat out planning (not quite in that order though, I believe I bought the warlock after the planning part).

As I finally decided my color scheme I started painting somewhat, but as you have also read here (a month or two ago) I wanted to repaint my army (well... repair and touch up, anyway). So the Eldar project to a side track.

Now as I got totally sick of painting marine after marine I knew I needed something else for the day. So I went and painted most of my test guardian. It looks kinda nice (even without higlights), I just need to figure out how I'm gonna higlight the orange. Maybe doing fiddling about with fiery orange (base color is blazing orange) or just a fade to white (orange-orange-white, orange-white, white). The last one worked wuite wel with my marines' blue, but I don't know what will look better with orange. A fade to yellowish orange or just to white.

Anyway As I'm a lazy monkey I didn't take a pic of the guardian but I did a testscheme in gw's interactive eldar guardian painter:

Whatta ya think. Keep in mind that the interactive painter doesnt quite bring out the colors right.



Updating inside this post before y'all miss the chance to reply and that sort of stuff.
Anyway here's the first testfig. Painted as such. I started with highlighting into white. When finished it gave this... earthy effect (you know, when you want to edit foto's or just monkey about with computer imaging you have that "earth tones" thingy. Well here it is:

As you can see, it looks rather nice (though I'm still not sure about the pure white highlights).
And the pic boosted the brightness and the sharpness of the higlights slightly. I't also missing that "bright" orangy feel that I initially wanted to have. I'll be trying an orange to yellow highlight on a new testfig next. After that I'll decide which way I go.

Personaly I think Eldar go really well with earthy tones, yet they also work fething good with t3h Sh1NyN3ss. But I might be wrong about all of this. It might just have been the black basecoat that fu'd up mah colors.