Life in Groningen

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

heavy weight

Ah, the time has come. Last weekend I was inaugurated as chairman of the board of my studysociety. As it stands we are growing as I write. There is a good change we are going to be quite the heavy weight within the faculty. The previous board (now the second senate) has done good work on faculty-student realtions and communication. Our job, among others, is to enhance this. As we aproach our first birthday and as I dive even deeper into the workings of our faculty it becomes quite clear to me that this will be a political game of grand design. It will take some hard work to realise most of our plans. But in the end I know that it will be worth it.

But, of course, we're also here to make sure that all the natural sciences (phys, chem, math, astr) students have a fucking A time during their stay at our university.

Anyway it is safe to say that I will have even less time to update than I already have at this moment.

But not to worry. May daily life is getting so awesomely idiotic nowadays that I feel more compelled to write about it than ever. So however much the quantity might diminish slightly, the quallity is most likely to grow.

untill next time