Life in Groningen

Monday, April 24, 2006



my time of being a sentimental fool is over. The mourning period has been completed.
On to the next best thing. Chem teahc gave us a 65 on our third practical...... biatchnezz. Which sucks..... Robert will probably want to decpaitate Joel and me....
this means, howerver, that we score a 75 (thank you Robby) on the practical as a whole.
yay! up goes my finals grade!
And yes the same teach also checked our IT practicals....... 76 yay!

Yes Chris, I know you're all like, what's all this. Well this means that only by some weird freak accident I am able to flunk my finals (ie: meteor crash, cock cancer, etc)

In other, more 40k related, news. I'm pimping my rhino with homemade spaced armor. Better looking and easier work then the reïnforced stuff.

nuff for today,

PS: gah women... they're disturbing, no reasoning whatsoever (pun)