Life in Groningen

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The kind of sadness that gets to your fingers.

Well I'm one sad joe atm....

I went all "yeah lets tell her what we think... and feel... just put it out their..."
Bad idea? Maybe....... I got the "I like you but not THAT much" routine.....
Guess I'll have to make this "still friends" thing work.
Gah! I've never felt so weak...... I mean sure I got blown of a couple (or more) times before, kinda lost count. But this time... I don't know. This time it really hurt, maybe cause she was... is special.

need to restrain myself here,

PS: Why didn't anyone make a life-tutorial... this trial and error thing is such a bitch sometimes.....


Monday, October 17, 2005


Man did we have a fun time saturday.
The comedian, Dennis, from our class participated in some arts contest in Amsterdam on saturday and he took 50 of us fans with him. We all had a jolly good ride on the bus.
And a jolly good time in Amsterdam.

In between stuff we went into town. Visited GW of course where I took a lil' peak in the new BT codex.... AND OMFG HELBRECHT HAS 4 (YES FOUR!) WOUNDS!... and some spiffy shit attached to his ugly ass body.....
Not that the model is ugly though.. that rocks.. but his face. man that is one ugly motherfucker!

Next to that we each took in about 2 Liters of beer. then we started monkeying about a bit....... and wel we had fun.
Though Dennis didn't win.. which was a bummer for we wanted to sing the dennis beer song...... like "1 dennis beer, 2 dennis beer, 1, 2, 3, 4 DEEEEEEEEEEEEENNISBEER!"

and so on....

Next to that i really REALLY REALLY enjoyed myself on the way back (more on that in the next uppy)
and we all had a standard ceremonial sleepover at Dennis' place, burger's and beers included!

Anyway, as you folks might have noticed the uppy's are taking more time in between then normal.. mostly 'cause of school and other stuff (like last saturday).
I'll try to update as much as possible... for your sake.
I'll even try to squeaze in some pics of my finished flamer marine.. and the other one when it's done....

cya folks!