Life in Groningen

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


dammit, typed up a mile long post and internet freaks. Whorenet.

post came down to this:
university rocks, actually better chicks at faculty than you'd think (labcoat=teh sexy), Tau manta, wtf EEKS!, warhammer rdaio, lots new people that find there way into my phone list, more than one of who fall into the CCWIBG category.

*Low on monkeys, need coffee*

PS: o wll, lucky you fucks, that the long post got drawn into the warp.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

And so it begins

Tomorrow I'll have my first day of university. On the one hand I can't wait on the other I'm still a bit jittery. Good thing my rational mind (mine doing 70% of my thinking in stead of a normal persons 50% or so) keeps telling me i's all good.
The last two and a half week have been nothing short of wrecking. Not only was it an introduction into the student way of life in Groningen and the faculty it was also a test of your immune system. For as a (true)student one doesn't spend his life in a steryle environment. And boy did my immune system get a whoopin'. Not only did we follow the standard program but we caught god's wrath as well. The faculty introduction camp was 60Km's away. That meant 3 hours of biking in the pooring rain. Not only that, but in that very same weather we decided to do some egg-rugby in our swim wear. Good fun!
After camp we had an introduction into college, which was everything short of interesting. And friday we had a sportsthing followed by a social drink. Suffice to say my immune system flipped the bird on me and went on a holliday after that. I'm healing slow but surely, still trying to keep my lungs inside my chest.

Aside from the sickness I'm pretty much okay. I've met some fun people in the faculty and good times will be had upcoming year. I've also created some healthy preconceptions about law students. Not all of them, I mean there is that 5% of people who are actually interesting. But hell most of them take themselves too seriously even when the faculty is comprised 95% out of people who didn't know what to do so they chose to do law. The only good thing I can say about them is that they have a healthy percentage of female students (very unlike our own, grmbl grmbl).

'nough said. I got things to do, like trying to find my username and password for my studentmail, making up for forgetting about TauTim's B-day (STUPID STUPID STUPID!), get myself out of some serious trouble and get myself into some serious trouble.
I wanted to post my timetable here, but I tink it would be easier to throw it all into excel first and make a pic of it so it doesn't get ffed up.

Also I want to mention that lastlifeinmyuniverse is going to take a (hopefully) short break from blogging. We all wish her the best. Maybe this will give the newbies time to catch up with all her old posts >.<

that be about it,