Life in Groningen

Sunday, September 24, 2006

update for updates' sake.

So for some reason Beanyboy feels justified to yell for an update.
Screw you.

some news:
Thermodynamics suck. By suck I mean suck bush' narly, hairy ass Iq of 40 old man shitfaced nuts!

Anyway nough bout that. Other stuff:
I got kind of pissed friday. Bluff poker is not good for someone who can get free drinks. And our secondary harddisk is about to kick the bucket. It's been ticking all day and and xp has been nagging about it everytime we boot the pc. So all I want to say is: Thank you drive D:/ for keepng all our mp3's safe for the last three years!

So that's all folks for updates' skake.

cya round kids,