Life in Groningen

Saturday, March 04, 2006

comic interlude?

Well those were an interesting two... no, wait, three days.
Thursday night was....... astonishingly..... wobly. I never got THAT drunk of just beer in my LIFE! Good thing there wasn't much traffic at 4 in the morning.

Friday I decided that A: I'm gonna study Physics at the University of Groningen next year and B: economic studies are for lame ass, knowledgeless, moneyhungry, sexless pricks. Somewhat like Donald Trump I guess.

Friday night I went to a party of a teammate..... something I do not want to remember all to long. Something along the lines of: NEVER EVER bring left-over booze from an old party to a party hosted by people of strong religion. You'll be accused of being born with the devil. anyway I decided last night in the pub (where we went after the mental rant of my mates mum) that I wasn't going to be a bitch about it. I can understand his mum's POV and respect it at that, but I will never change my ways towards....... our dear friend Dionysos.

Next stop was Enschede for my sis' B-day party. We had fun, food and.... fun. Though I did miss a match..... they.... we actually won 3-1..... probably cause I wasn't there ;)

I am now in various states of fatigueness and my liver has probably taken on every color in the visual spectrum of man within the last 12 hours and it still has more than enough alcohol to process to get a 15 year old German farmhand to act like a dog and chase his tail.

I am now off to bed....... after watching two more B5 episodes and receiving a verbal battering by ye old folks on "(...)enough sleep for you still are an adolescent(...)"

I leave you with a list of thinks to replace a mop:
Who needs a mop when you have...
...a cat
...irregular mussle spasms
... .... ehm, ah think of something yourself!



Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Best governmental system in the galaxy!

Yes, we should all switch over to the Drahzi green and purple system. It saves complicating voting procedures and expensive campaigning.

The idea is simple, as the Drahzi rep said:
"We take big barrel and fill it with purple and green balls, equal to the number of Drahzi. Than all Drahzi take ball from barrel. He who has green ball gets green sash, he who has purple ball gets purple sash. Where there was one Drahzi people there are now two Drahzi people. They fight untill there is one Drahzi people once more."

Simple eh? A total arbitrary way of kepping the population down and giving everybody an equal chance of rulership.

We should so switch over to this!


OI! I got me some pics!

Purple and Green leader

Green leader:"t'eh.. purple."

Purple leader:" but... green."

Green leader:"tsss, purple."

Ofcourse, we all know they's just a bunch of fag fairy aliens in a girly color-of-cloths dispute ^^"