Life in Groningen

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dead befor you know it

As the previous post turned into a chatroom again and I haven't posted any 40k-ish things lately 't was time for me to do some fotographing.
After obtaining all the ingredients of sniper rifles (a self concocted version of it anyway) I went on a drawing spree. I had one scout box, four pulse rifles and four cadian standard issue lasrifles.
The result:

The stock and handle part is from the lasrifle the barrel is from the pulse rifle and the muzzle is from the lasrifle too. The bipod is from the scout plastic boxed set.
Et Voilá a new Veendam-mark x sniper rifle.
I'm making four of these babies for now, these together with a heavy bolter guy and two old metal snipers will become my new scout support squad.

Some new pics will be here soon, especially after the lil' 40k weekend coming up at my place.



Monday, January 02, 2006

A good start

ah yes 2006 it is.

I celebrated the thing in Fox. I would've explained what and where, TAS, but it'll just sound trivial to you so for now the fact that it's a club/disco will do.

Anyway, I got myself a sleeping place at the house of a classmate of mine, Mirjam. There were 6 other people also staying at her place.... in the same room.
But that is irrelevant atm. After having 3 beers a toast to the new year (champagne) another beer and a wait for the other people to arrive we went off to Fox around 1.30.

once in we went for a "greeting round". Some kisses and handshakes later we were all ready for the partying.... after a round of beer.

Too keep a long, trivial, ..... very..... errr... turbulant story short and still a little interesting. I got three girls to dance with me .... two of which went quite wild... I followed.

One of them (who happened to be one of the people who was also gonna sleep at Mirjam's) went a lil'further... happy end of story. We slept...... well lay next to eachother in the room, but because of the room's population we kept the good stuff topside.

Thusfar my experiences in '06.


PS: Ernst en David had some questions about a lil'somesome.... ask 'm again when I see you after the holidays.