Life in Groningen

Sunday, December 10, 2006

hey folks

well I finally got round to uploading those wips of my chaplain.

here goes:
that's his head on the torso.

The skull is the one from the chaosmarine warrior box, it's stuck on a pike thingy that is normally placed on the backpack of the champion or something.

That one shows the wiring a little better, of course he's gonna have bionics in his wargear list, what did you think?
This one shows the neck tubing and cables even better.

I know it's hellafuzzy, I made some silly mistakes during the photoshoot, but this does show the five thingies in is skull very nicely.

All those wires slot into here:

Well that's about it, where I got the idea? IIRC it was Freakforge (search warseer and/or B&C) who came up with the idea. He's got this chapter that is all techy and stuff with very strong ties to Mars. I just copied the idea. (btw tnx Freakforge! you rock!)

I'll update some more during the upcoming holidays since I'll have enough time to actually get some work of nontrivial proportions done on my techmarine and I'll be hoping to post my old scout squad. The scouts were the first squad to be subjected to "TEH REPAINTINGS". which meant they get new shoulder colors, highlights, squad and chapter markings (oh joy!) and a purity seal coat.

have fun replying,