Life in Groningen

Saturday, July 16, 2005

sim gangster

If you read the title you might go: "wtf?". But it's because I've been playing GTA: San Andreas for a week now (as seen it's vacation I've played enough to fill three to four weeks). I love the game it allows more stuff (we can crouch now!) better targeting, rpg elements: you can upgrade your strength/stamina/"sex appeal"/weapon skills per weapon/driving skills per vehicle class (motorbike, bicycle, car)/etc. They even put in a "stealth" part, you can now hide in shadows (from cops and whatnot) and you can pull a soldi snake on people with a knife. In one mission (my favorite so far) you have brake into a mansion and flip a Sam fisher on some personal guards then steal a book and yr off. One more feature I like is that by killing enough rival gangers in a "hood" you can take over that hood for your gang (Grove street families). On top of that you can do some real shiny shit with you car in the form of stunts (ie: controlled barrel rolls) and if you drive really fast you get a too fast too furious/NFS:Underground fade shit alround you.
Apart from that the game starts to become a bit lineair. Though I suspect after the current "in-game crisis" is resolved it will become more free again.

Apart from this there is one more thing I wanted to talk about: respect and sex appeal. Respect gets you into the high parts of town and it also allows you to form up small gangs (the higher your respect level the more gangers you can muster). Respect has a direct influence on your sex appeal, if your respect goes up then so does your SA (though not as fast), but I hear you ask: "why do you need sex appeal?" I only need to kill gangsters and cops (and some civillians) and steal cars. WRONG! Apperantly Rockstar was looking for a twist and they were probably hunting for "the sims" players. Cause you can have a girlfriend now. You have to keep her happy to "keep" her. The only prob is, you can't really choose, your first gf you get from completing a mission and I tell you, she ain't right. I just hope they let u choose more further on in the game. (oh and you can pick yr own cloths, hairstyle, shades, watch-whocares, and tattoos)

I think they should have called this one GTA: Simcity.... (hehe just noticed it sounds like sincity:P) or Sid Meyers criminalisation.

im off, too much writing done too little gta.... need gangster.. style... driveby's..... murder... death ... kill........blurg!



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As for the rest of the world.....

Yes there is other stuff to talk about next to Rome and Florence (though I do have a REALLY good shot of THE DAVID... illegal, but very good). It seems that I have now TWO Belgian girls on my msn. We met a bunch of nutters in Rome who were apparently Belgian and we exchanged mail's. So yay to me. Anyhoo Arjan and me played a game of 40k monday mornin. Hold at all costs.
He wiped the floor with me.
Not that I sucked that much or that he reaped that much, I just had two strokes of VERY bad luck and made one terrible tactical move.
He popped my predator on turn one, I managed to save 1 (one) out of 5 (five!!) armor saves from my dev squad, leaving nought but my plasma cannoneer and I charged my scouts where I should have retreated into cover :|
Well better luck next time.
Better news is that I managed to get a 6 (out of 10) on my German. That means I don't have to redo my last test next year, YAY!

hehe, ik heb twee Belgische dames in mijn msn lijst overgehouden aan Rome.
Daarnaast heb ik het voor elkaar gekregen om een 6 op mn SE voor Duits te krijgen, dat betekent dat ik de laatste toets niet hoef te herkansen komend jaar, YES!
Als je, je afvraagt waarom het engelse stuk hier boven veel groter is, komt dat omdat meer dan de helft jullie geen reet interesseert ^^.



Monday, July 11, 2005

Guess who's back!

hey folks, I'm back. I got home on friday round 12.30. totaaly busted and beaten. But fun we had! I'll try to link some pics and the soon to be up remembrance site, but that'll take a while cause the guys working on it aren't too common with html and whatnot. An I sure as hell ain't giving them a hand, I carried enough bags, massaged enough legs and listened to enough mindles girlchatter last week. They won;t take me down to!

Anyhoo back to the upside of the trip: We had a fucking good time! we saw some dope shit we trod (sp?) enough steps to last a lifetime (Rome's just one big stairway) and we decided (three guys and me) to climb the friggin St Peter's Dome. Standing in line this dumb US fuck asks me if this is the line to the Sixtijns chapel (Michealangelo's work)..... idiot. Anyhoo we climbed that bitch, took us twenty minutes too. And if you're obese DON'T DO IT! Trust me you'll get stuck! Thoug it took as so long to get down again we missed the pope's blessing. Boo, friggin hoo! BAck to the important stuff, second night one of the guys was so full of "magic water" he started to do some sleepwalking, he went into the hallway, drops his pants and walks through the emergency door. We all let fly a smile there. Next to that we met a really neat cardinal, they're not al like Ratsinger. In Florence we ran into the police cause we through a 1 eurocent from the top of the cathedral tower (yes we climbed that bitch too, same group same, insane urge). Luckily for us the guy that got caught wasn't 18 yet so they had to let him go with this message: "Grow up!"
On the last day we had the most hilarious moment. We went for dinner the last time and two of our number (we were with six this time) went and filled themselves up at the McDonalds (yes they got to Italy too). We then went to a pizzaria to get some sweet pizza. There was some talk about banana's on the way there and when the waitress came to our table one of the two Mc eaters ordered a banana with his beer. I haven't laughed like that in two years! the good part is still to come, cause when we got our check it seemed that one banana is a "fruitbowl" and costs €4.50!!!
Suffice to say good times were had by all!

Sorrie mensen geen zin om dat hele verhaal nog een keer te typen. En NEE ik ga niet langs babelfish, dat zuigt. schiet me maar aan als je me ziet of vraag me op msn wat er gebeurt is in Rome en Florence!

PS: Italian beer drinks down nicely, too bad sambuca messes up your stomach!