Life in Groningen

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a list of "to do"

So enuogh wining about my tactically inept brain.
Lets talk "to do". There are a meriad of things that I want/need done this summer and here I'll be keeping track of them.
If I haven't crossed at least two things at the end of every week you people remind me!
Spam my mail box, send me threatening letters that say that you will be very angry with me and that you will notify the UN of my atrocities(sp?). Make me go bonkers on msn by ploinking me every minute with a very useless "bleeeeeeep".
Anyway, you get the point.
Here goes:

-Techmarine with full servo harness.
-sniper scouts.
-touch up old scouts.
-touch up all tactical marines (including special weaponry guys).
-finish the remaining two assault marines.
-touch up finished assault marines.
-finally get those extra armor modules for the rhino done.
-finish the three wip tactical marines and the veteran sarge
-touch up vehicles
-re-do bikes
-touch up terminators
-post pics of above
-write tactica

-clean up room (sad but that's reality). >done<
-get wasted in Twente
-Pic a day for the party at my house.
-invite people for said party.
-get my ass of the chair and get myself employed somewhere for the remainder of the holidays.
-get signed up at the student volleyball club in Groningen.
-ehm..... i dunno get laid or something?

that be about it

OH yeah, if i have the time play more games of 40k of course!


Monday, June 26, 2006

stupid ass deployment :(

well I played a 2250 pts game versus AB's nids just now... and I screwed up.
right at deployment, I must have had a blackout or something:

as you can see arjan put all his fast units, hormagaunts(Horm) and flying tyrant(F), on his left flank for fear of me infiltrating my devastators(d1,d2), tacicals(T1,T2) and scouts(scouts,snipe) on that lil old Hill over there. ( I damn well payed 90 points extra for that infiltration beezwax!)
Now what I SHOULD have done is put them all down as tidy as possible on the right side of the board where I could easily kill off all his synapse (T, warr, F, Z) with my whoopass fire base and finish off the remaining scuttlers with bolters. His fast units would have been too far out of range to do any good. Sort of a "refused flank" tactic and his lictors wouldn't be able to deepstrike in them ruins because they'dland on my troops and die, which would have worked grandiously.
But nooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooooo, what does mister erwin do? he puts his strongest firing doods right in front of the swarmy army cause now he can shoot everything at everything on turn 1...... Which ended in a massacre of the scouts, T2, D1 and D2.
Pretty crappy. it sucks losing a game on deployment errors. but ah well... I'll right me a checklist next time round.
I just notics I forgot to pu in T1, they should be right around the dread and techmarine (D and T in blue).

But as that wasn'bad enough, I forgot to roll for my deep striking terminators on turns 2 and 3 and turn 4 ended up with me rolling a 1 on the reserves roll for them.... you can understand my perdickement.



just a quicky....

just a quick post.
I've recently discovered a webcomic that everyone can enjoy:
Go read. It'll give you guys a laugh in bitter times.
(damn hellish blind bafoon referee!killkillkilllLLL!!)


PS: the I hate nids may they all burn post will be up shortly


Sunday, June 25, 2006


ima postin'!

Though I can only post about one thing: Marjon's party and I'll shove this post down one hell of a way since AB and I are gonna play a 2250 pts game this afternoon, and we got the new cam! yay!

Back to the party. It was all good! There were about 20 odd folks in a backyard that measered around 20 by 10.... METRES! (holy frikkin funshizzle)
Lotsa beer, some fuzzyness around what Ernst actually did (I aint going further here, ask him, he won't give a structural answer.... just something along the lines of "nothing"). Fun was had by all nonetheless, even the ClassKorean, who regrettably failed his exams (damn), had some fun, but that was before he dumped the contents of that second bottle of whine down his talker. it wan''t pretty.
All in all.... very good party, thanks again to Berry for cooking a very tasty meal and Muchos thanks to Marjon for letting us party at her crib and for letting us sleep scattered about the living room.

next stop: Nieuw Buinen


PS: one tip: when sleeping on a couch, at least take the three-seater. I still have back aches from that damned two-seater (damn chicks always hoggin the best spots>.<).