Life in Groningen

Thursday, May 25, 2006

meh, peer pressure.

dayum 28 replies, that's a record.

So as it stands: I found a way to switch between monitors more easily, just switch cables and move the seat about 1,5 meters left :P
And DAYUM '95 is hard! The first hard mission the gdi got is the "commando has to blow everything up" one. Then you gotta protect Dr, Moebius AND soem stupid tiberium hugging civillians AND kick Nod in the nuts.

Oh well good thing AI wasn't invented yet in '95 :D Sandbag walls stop everything >.<

I'm currently trying to beat GDI mission 11. The start is hard, but it gets easier once you got yourself a proper base with some money to back you up.
As far as the NOD missions, THEY IS EASY (at least untill mission 4, cause that's where I am atm).

As of tomorrow I'll be more involved with my marine sagain though, I gotta get some stuff finished again! And Arjan is bringing me a thin sheet of plasticard, which means I can finally start on my home brewn techmarine.