Life in Groningen

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Surgically removed,

they just forgot to distribute some morphine.

The smoke cleared and the dust settled.
But the only one with a whole in his chest was me.
Not by fire arm or sword, this wound was caused.
But by her, she who I held in my arms just moments before.
Yet I am not angry with her, for she did not know.
I am angry with myself, for not seeing the truth.
And believing my own reality of red roses and white rabbits.
There where once was a vital organ, pulsing with life,
is now a hole, deeper and darker then ever before.

You stole my hart, I'd like something in return.......


Friday, April 21, 2006

I am sorry, I'm on fire with the posting

But to business. I promised some sketches of my chapter icon. It's still development stage though:

Didn't feel like turning it right side up again (too much hassle in photodraw). Picture this upside down or go stand up-side-down in front of yr screen to see this properly. It's more of the "metal wings" kinda thing. With a lightning bolt in the middle.

This is more aimed at looking simmillar to the bloodangels chapter badge but with, again, a lightning bolt instead of the blooddrop.


I found this swimming in my sketch portfio, it's a concept for a plastic chaplain, I have NO idea if I posted this before, I know I did on B&C (before it died and got resurrected)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So it seems I have more readers then I knew.
As I just recently found out, Renee reads this blog. But that's not the worst. Well that's not bad actually. Just remember Renee, not everything on here is serious and I'm sorry if anything on here has offended you.

The thing is, SHE told me she was reading this crap. But SOME PEOPLE don't even have the decency to tell or reply at all! Not that I can take any action against these lurkers, but PLEASE, people let me know who's reading this, so I don't step on any toes. (Yes I'm looking at you, you nosy blonde! Though I still appreciate the heads up you gave today)

Nuff said. Anyway. Time for clearing up, I knew I promised no important "how's my life" posts untill sunday, but this is just a quick in between. The "she's so cute chick", for the ones that know here, is Reintsema, but after some prodding and poking I learned that she's not the woman I want to burn my fingers on (though a one nighter will be welcome, something like: "I must tell you: I have a BF" "so? I knew all along.." kinda thing).

nuff Shitchat!

im off got other stuff to take care of, My IT and chem teach is creapy, he calls me round dinnertiem to ask where the logs are..... GRRRRR NUKE'M!



Tuesday, April 18, 2006

aw dang I forgot

For those of you who couldn't give a rat's ass about warhammer 40k, go to post below.
others: read this. This be a fast look at the three games I played this weekend. Now shut up and listen! HOKAY!
1st game: Storm Angels (mah guys) versus Tau (TauTim)
patrol, which -on a 4by6 table- means little to no casualties in the first two turns. In the end we had a close call. Tim managed to score 178 points more then me, which means he got a solid victory by 28 points. Good game, good fight, little mistakes and bad reserve rolls (HOW MANY ONES CAN YOU THROW SUBSEQUENTLY WITH THE SAME FRIKKIN' DICE!)

2nd game: Storm Angels versus Hive Fleet Adamantium.
Short story? I got eaten. Long story: I got eaten.....
No seriously. I did some very stupid deploying. I ain't going into detail atm, but deploying close to nids in order to get as many weapons in LOS and range of them is BAD. You here me? B A D, BAD! I should've deployed way in the back of the board in that nice 4+ save building and used a refused flank formation(see 3rd ed marine dex) or better yet line blocker formation. (put scouts or tacticals geared for CC in front of a devastator squad (or whatever) geared for long range, to block the first assault wave. Try to take out as much Hive nodes as possible, starting with the fastest ones, ie: leaping/flying warriors and Flyrants, flyrants first!! And work your way down, to the hardest targets to crack. So first flyrants, then warriors -leapin or flying-, normal ass warriors, thropes and finally footslogging tyrants.
But beware of stealers!! And should the adversary employ the services of a broodlord, start screaming and hide in a corner. Or get him bogged down in a fight he can't win for the next three rounds. I haven't faced one yet, so I haven't found a decent tactic yet.
3rd game! "Storm Angels and Cadians" versus "Death Gaurd and Hive Fleet Adamantium".
(1000 pts for each player)
This came out very nicely. We had enough firepower to take down the nastiest mother of them all. Arjan's Flyrant. We succeeded in blocking his first assault wave (yay for tacticals) and my assault squad (THANK THE EMPEROR FOR FURIOUS ASSAULT!) managed to wipe out the death gaurd lieutenant and plagebearers. And, to the surprise of many one player present, our right flank -consisting of but one squad of IG, a squad of stormtroopers and their chimeira- actually held pretty well against the onslaught of a DG dreadnought, a squad of plague marines and a three thing short of a brood of stealers! Okay, okay, so what if the dread got bogged down in difficult terrain and they were reïnforced by a Lemann Russ Battle Tank. WE WON!

FOR THE EMPEROR! tallyhooooo!

current stuff to do:
finish scout snipers, finish 2nd assault flamer, finish rest of wip dudes, finish rhino (extra armor, repaint a lot and giving it icons) and then some.... oh yeah and touching up the entire lot, ie: higlights, blacklining, basing, painting the shoulderpads blue and white and FINALLY giving them chapter heraldry. I'll get some concept sketches up tonight. (yes down there under "edit")

Chief Librarian Erwin Sebastius of the Storm Angels Space Marine Chapter


Party at Ben's on saturday!

Yay! Well... no, not really.... We just say that alot, in the hope that one day Ben will crack and actually give a party. His backyard is so frikkin humongous. We just need to defile it!

Back to what happened between last post and this one. I managed to score a 43 on English, man that was close..... actually I could have gone down to a 24 and not have any consequenses, but we need cinematics here.

We have a presentation tomorrow about ELO's (check wikipedia for it, also moodle/It's learning/Brainbox). It'll be one hell of a peanut. A feeble amount of practice and preperation work succeeded a GARGANTUAN amount of IT work on all three above mentioned elo's. We'll score about 75 tomorrow and be done with it. (actually I don't care what I get, because it doesn't count for my exams)
>woop, brb, gotta make the table ready for dinner!....3 mins later.... back again<
So I actually don't have anything serious to do untill I really NEED to get ready for exams. All prep work and training will be done at school. I have a VERY limited amount of lessons, so that means I can go out in the hellish world we call school. I can annoy like there is no tomorrow, I can flirt like there was no yesterday and I can make mince meat out of my brain trying to figure out a way to get around Berry's pawns on the chessboard.

Untill friday, that's where the real fun starts. We have another schoolfest as y'all know. It'll be our last (exams and all). So we decided we want a pre- and afterparty. And I think we can make this afterparty somewhere along the lines of my 18th b-day bash (ie: awesome destructive booze fest), but this time we can pull the guy-gall ratio even (maybe even swing the other way). Good times. If I get lucky, you'll get a thorough report including pics (I do hope not!) on sunday or so, depending on my mental state at that moment.
That should cover friday night. As for saturday night, that should be filled with the beautiful >damn dinnertime, cya in about 15 to 20!...20min later... damn good macaroni< guitar sounds of our friend Evil-D who's giving a performance with his band in Groningen that night. After that I just need to figure out how I'm gonna get to Hoogezand by 9.00 sunday morning for a game of volleyball. Recreational, something to do with 24 hours of voleyball.

That'll do for this week, next update -hopefully- on sunday night.

EDIT: I edited this part out. It seems I have lurker problems. PEOPEL IF YOU READ THIS STUFF REPLY! I CANT STAND LURKERS! And YES Steph I will remember to ask next time. Sjees! (though you are right, I should've asked. /end edit.