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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

aw dang I forgot

For those of you who couldn't give a rat's ass about warhammer 40k, go to post below.
others: read this. This be a fast look at the three games I played this weekend. Now shut up and listen! HOKAY!
1st game: Storm Angels (mah guys) versus Tau (TauTim)
patrol, which -on a 4by6 table- means little to no casualties in the first two turns. In the end we had a close call. Tim managed to score 178 points more then me, which means he got a solid victory by 28 points. Good game, good fight, little mistakes and bad reserve rolls (HOW MANY ONES CAN YOU THROW SUBSEQUENTLY WITH THE SAME FRIKKIN' DICE!)

2nd game: Storm Angels versus Hive Fleet Adamantium.
Short story? I got eaten. Long story: I got eaten.....
No seriously. I did some very stupid deploying. I ain't going into detail atm, but deploying close to nids in order to get as many weapons in LOS and range of them is BAD. You here me? B A D, BAD! I should've deployed way in the back of the board in that nice 4+ save building and used a refused flank formation(see 3rd ed marine dex) or better yet line blocker formation. (put scouts or tacticals geared for CC in front of a devastator squad (or whatever) geared for long range, to block the first assault wave. Try to take out as much Hive nodes as possible, starting with the fastest ones, ie: leaping/flying warriors and Flyrants, flyrants first!! And work your way down, to the hardest targets to crack. So first flyrants, then warriors -leapin or flying-, normal ass warriors, thropes and finally footslogging tyrants.
But beware of stealers!! And should the adversary employ the services of a broodlord, start screaming and hide in a corner. Or get him bogged down in a fight he can't win for the next three rounds. I haven't faced one yet, so I haven't found a decent tactic yet.
3rd game! "Storm Angels and Cadians" versus "Death Gaurd and Hive Fleet Adamantium".
(1000 pts for each player)
This came out very nicely. We had enough firepower to take down the nastiest mother of them all. Arjan's Flyrant. We succeeded in blocking his first assault wave (yay for tacticals) and my assault squad (THANK THE EMPEROR FOR FURIOUS ASSAULT!) managed to wipe out the death gaurd lieutenant and plagebearers. And, to the surprise of many one player present, our right flank -consisting of but one squad of IG, a squad of stormtroopers and their chimeira- actually held pretty well against the onslaught of a DG dreadnought, a squad of plague marines and a three thing short of a brood of stealers! Okay, okay, so what if the dread got bogged down in difficult terrain and they were reïnforced by a Lemann Russ Battle Tank. WE WON!

FOR THE EMPEROR! tallyhooooo!

current stuff to do:
finish scout snipers, finish 2nd assault flamer, finish rest of wip dudes, finish rhino (extra armor, repaint a lot and giving it icons) and then some.... oh yeah and touching up the entire lot, ie: higlights, blacklining, basing, painting the shoulderpads blue and white and FINALLY giving them chapter heraldry. I'll get some concept sketches up tonight. (yes down there under "edit")

Chief Librarian Erwin Sebastius of the Storm Angels Space Marine Chapter



At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Arjan said...

leaving out the part where DG and the Nids almost got a draw despite (secure & hold) getting shot the fuck up.

And that with minimal left overs.

Nice games ..both. And well flyrants are nice and cuddly..don't blast them away..they only want to:


At 11:34 AM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Damn, 1000 pts of DG and they did squat all!?!? Psssht, 'Nids will have to backstab the DG next time, Yessssssssssss....


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

Dg pred shot off the batle cannon turret, and they killed some gaurd. and two assault marines.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Damn DG, so useless these days... Then again, what do you expect from an army that walks around with mainly close quarter weapons and bolters...


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Erwin said...

and has a constant desease.

anyway, I'm just announcing that I'm pimping my wip rhino (ie pintle bolter and extra armor) for my techmarine and a 9-man squad of techie tac-marines

At 1:21 PM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Wait wait.. when you say 'pimping your wip rhino' i take it you mean you are going in FAVOR of the Rhino vs the 9-Man Tact squad w/ Techmarine?

Although WHY would you attach a techmarine to a Tact squad? Then again, you can only use the Signum on "so many" weapons per turn, so it doesnt really make it any more advantageous in a Dev squad than a Tact squad.

Wait.. is this a Pimpin' Rhino FOR the 9-Man Tact Squad + Tech??


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