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Sunday, December 25, 2005

't was a wasteland.......

Well that was fun.

The partay hosted about 40 people and about 60 liters of beer was consumed.
together with a bottle of wine, smirnoff, petrikov, Sambuca, 1.5 bottles of El Picu and a but load of tiny weird ass mix flasks it was enough to get even the hardiest drinkers in attendance drunk as fuck.

We had a bitch ass good time. (apart from Emiel who spilled the beloved beer on ze floor AFTER consumation... ass)

Anyway in other news, I'm powerhorny. I organised a volleyball tournament last friday at school. 17 teams (including ours) attended. That's over a hundred people. And they all fell silent when I was speaking...... oooh itches......
We had a great time pounding the opposition... and eating the prize pie afterwards.

I'm off, I'm still trying to find a decent way to turn my newly obtained plastic scouts (hey it was my b-day) into fully fletched snipers. Since the B&C is (still) down I'm down to reviewing my own old ideas and coming up with crappy new ones myself........




At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Arjan said...

yarrr yess the beer. And the fire ..especially the fire..and the beer..
Oh and the wonderfull frying pan.
Did I mention the butt load of beer..
Great party boyo. And yes the room and the garden looked like a tank drove through.

At 12:28 AM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Dang right Im a chat slut ;)

Heh.. Well it sounds like things went well (woo the Scouts)... Although, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICKY ACTION!?!?!??! DID I NOT GIVE YOU ADVICE AS TO HOW TO PROCEED???!?!?!?!?

*Shakes head*

Oh well, least you still have New Years...


At 10:56 AM, Blogger Erwin said...

well bout the chicky action... lets just say that ze woman turned from an already active yet very kind and fun to an overactive not so kind "totally in denial" drunk.
We don't want that.

Lets just say I want a girl who can say: "Hell fucking yesh I am drunk, but so are you! Now let's have some fun!"
In stead of: "No I'm not drunk! I only had two glasses of wine"... after having about 1/2 a bottle o wine and 3/4 bottle worth of sambucca and other stuff.

oh well.... NEXT!

At 11:30 PM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Ahh, one of those chickies.. Oh well... These things happen sadly enough... New Years is coming up though...

And there is all of 2006 to look forward to.


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous -_- said...

well it was a great party,... and the fire was great,... yeesh your bro has some kinda extinguisher attached to his body,... or it was the 60 litres of beer we had=p.

anyway,.. they didnt fell silent when you talked boyo,... they were just impressed by the authority my eyes had -_-.

your -_-

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

pff they couldn't even see yr eyes boy :D:D:D

anyway If I don't make it this year, I'm organising it again next year...

At 5:31 PM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

*feels a weird third leg, "11th" finger, blah blah connotation coming on*

Anyway.... The more I see your blog, the more I realize... This is so not a daily rant.........

Anyway.. I was also thinking... Y'know... although it was probably the right thing to do (maybe?), perhaps breaking up with Renee wasnt such a good move.... Perhaps what should have been done was to keep Renee, and try to secure a new partner and thus being able to move from one relationship to the other in a short, yet efficient time period???


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Maarten Jalink said...

Woohoo! Great party Beens. Although I've been 'brak' for 2 days this was a party to remember.

Btw, is Emiel still alive? :P

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous -_- said...

I stopped checkin on him after it was 3hours,... I couldnt tell ya the diffrence between breathin and not breathin'

nahw foolin,.... I think emiel is on his quest on finding 'the shoe'


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

@TAS: I COULD have done that, but (good as I am) I am not the "hurting" kind of guy (though I don't mind the occasional face slap for the adrenalin)

@Maarten: He lives.... more or less

@-_-: He'll get his shoe after the holidays.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Ehh... Face slapping isnt THAT bad.... But ehh.. t'was just an idea... Plus ya never know... a minor Miracle COULD have happened and Renee COULD have crawled out of her shell?


Oh the woes to the love lawn..



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