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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

alright already!

Arjan keeps bugging me about posting small reports about saturday.
You want it, you got it:
K pts was no problem, but the 1 hour per game got to me. My marines only start doing anything by turn 3 or 4! That's whay they are CC marines! Fags.
That aside most of the players didn't want to play standard scenarios.
Which makes it even more terrible for me since I only have a reasonable chance of winning when we have a certain objective, cause it introduces a certain tactic to the game and it forces my opponent to choose between me and the objective. Marines don't win by killing unless you are extremely well versed in the art of marine combat and you know your opponent all too well.

With that said I'd like to get on with things.
The other generals were all fun and had a big bag full of sportsmanship. Well except for El Fatso with his Necrons who didn't know the rules that bring his army in the most danger.

Anyway, my first game was versus another marine player, Kim de Vink.
Bit of a cheesy army, but in the end it was a close game (and that after 4 rounds!)
He had two tac squads (5 guys and a lascannon in each), a scout squad (5 guys, 2 snipers and a Hbolter), a vindicator, a dev squad with four missile launchers and a commandsquad lead by and attached with a libbie, both libbies had fury of the ancients. You can see my perdicament? No? Well maybe if I tell you that the only piece of terrain was a building of about 6" by 6" in the middle.
Yes ouch. But I still managed to cripple and mute the vindicator, kill the scout squad and scare off one of the tac squads.
He won by 50 or 80 points or so (both tac squads, half a sniper scoutsquad, the landspeeder and half an assault squad).

Second game:
I kinda started this game in aw, I was facing Eldar, and not any eldar, they were crownworld Eldar infected by Nurgle and SUPURBLY converted!
In the end I won cause I had 3 loot counters (we played secure and control) and he only controlled 1. Which ended me with about 400 points more than him.
Only real combat victory I can say is that I killed his seer council(3 guys woot) and farseer and my sniper sarge wounded the wraithlord!

Third game:
El Fatso's Necrons:
Lord with orb, pherelactroefjkldhslj thingie that makes the lord WWB with 1, 2 or 3 wounds and another thingie... oh yeah gaze of flame.
Two squads of warriros (11 each)
Three wraiths
Five destroyers
Tomb spider

His tactic was obvious, the spider and lord would make sure the warriros would be almost unkillable by shooting and the destroyers would wreak havoc upon the oncoming enemy, the wraiths are a nuesance, but a guess nonetheless. They may have that 3+ inv save, but they only have one wound, so a hail of bolter shells will easily dispatch them, though they are also capable of tying up entire units in CC.

Anyway we played three turns, well.. two and a half. I lost my snipers, 5 CC scouts, 4 assault marines and two or three tacticals, BUT I made it into CC with them.
So if we played a nother turn or two I would have opened his tin ass using my powerfists as can openers, heeeeere lordy, lordy, lordy, daddies got something for ya! Anyway, he killed two scouts in CC (three were left before I charged). My guys were rolling like mongrols and killed like one dude, but by strategically taking out the right guys and with a little luck.... nah, he was just a dumb ass. The thing was he cleared the wrong necronsand by that my killzone. There was no longer base contact. I lost my Ld test, but since there was no base contact he couldn't persue. The (excuse mah french) n00b kept saying that he could cause I was still locked in CC. On top of that he kept believing that he could kill me if we kept it going for 6 full turns. Why? Because his swarms would have joined CC (his spiedr pooped out three).
I MEAN WTF! I have THREE POWERFISTS! One round and they're gone! FOOTSY, NADA! I couldn't stand this guy, but I refrained from any serious comment or painfull remark, and I'll see him and the rulebook again on the 19th of Novembre. (the stuoid thing was that the judge made us dice over it, I could have looked it up in the BBB in less time!)

In the end I didn't feel that the results sent to GW for Medusa were justified.
my 2.5 eurocents



At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see it wasn't that hard ;)

Yes time shortage kills my army too. But you know that.
We're gonna rule one day :D


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