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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vacations are fun as long as you got something to do!

And I have something to do:
The Bard's Tale.
I'm sure you guys heard of it somewhere. It's one of the newest hack and slash RPG's. (and hack and slash it is cause that's nearly all you do)
It's a really fun game that's actually pretty simple to play, no messing round with classes or race stuff. Just some simple talents like dual wield, mace wield, two handed weapons etc. and some fun specials per talent. The new thing is that you are alone, well not completely, but there aren't any other characters traveling with you. Aside from that you can summon creatures with music, as the game progresses you get better instruments which allow you to summon more and you'll learn more tunes to summon more beasties.

Now this all sounds a bit daft.. I know. The gameplay itself isn't that new and sometimes in certain dungeons and towers it sems you have to bash your way through an unending tide of the same over and over again. not good one might say.
Then what makes this game an instant classic?
The humor! it rocks the game flips the bird at all known rpg's out there from diablo to WoW. The first quest you kill a rat in a basement (sound familliar?), get laid and move on, simple as that. The whole game revolves around the sarcasm that the Bard spews out at a rate equivalent to a minigun. And the narrater has his say too, constantly argueing with the Bard and all. I'm betting this game will be a classic in a few years and every gamer will be quoting this fucker. You NEED to play this. Why? CAUSE DANCING ZOMBIES, BREAKDANCING SKELETONS AND KNUCKLEVEES ROCK! not to mention the different songs you come across.


lekker lekker die vakantie, alleen het weer loopt niet mee, als er meer zon was geweest had ik minder achter de pc gezeten en meer aan het strand gebeached. En daar komt bij dat iedereen natuurlijk weer weg is, niet getruerd, er komt een feest aan, komende zaterdag. De opkomst is alleen nog een beetje klein... I need to phone some folks i guess. Anyway naast het krantenlopen 's ochtends, het verven van de schutting daarna (als het droog is, dus bijna nooit) ben ik nog steeds verslaafd, al is de San Andreas verslaving wat vervlogen, deze heeft plaats gemaakt voor "The Bard's Tale" (zie boven)
amengevat: als jullie niet snel meefeesten zwaait er wat! We hebben nog vier of vijf weken, dus genoeg tijd om te vieren dat er zoiets bestaat als vakantie!



At 6:27 PM, Blogger E-bean said...

mmm..sounds okay... and I emphasize the word okay...

whatever happend to the magic of final fantasy ?


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