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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

V for Vendetta

I just saw this flick. And yes, it is that good.
Well... at least if you haven't see Equillibrium, Ultra Violet, Fahrenheit 485 or any other likeminded film, because you see, the idea is as old as the ages and it has been incorporated into as many films, books, poems and websites as the idea of sex.
You take an existing world, change it into something we, the western world, fear. A dictatorship. A dictatorship that has been ercted by people using the means of fear. Manipulating the peoples under the guise of safety and protection. But all is well that ends well and in all these flicks someone stands up kills the dictator, his cronies and the idea they stand for. As simple as that.

But that's not all I wanted to say about this. I've read Fahrenheit 485 and I've seen Equillibrium, Ultra Violet and many a film alike. In all things the "protection" and "fear" starts at terrorism, war, desease. The two stories that appealed to me the most were F485 and V. Why? Because they did not encompass the entire world as it did in Eq and UV (or, maybe for better understanding, Aeon Flux). In F485 it was the US that gave up it's picture of democracy and "disposed" of conflicting ideas. In V it was the UK. Though in the book F485 the prelude was never given, nor in the film. But in V they did explain how everything came to pass.
Now, you would say that it would be impossible for such modern democracies to fall so low and return as dictatorships. I thought so myself. So a major disaster must strike first to accomplish such a feat. In Aeon Flux it is desease and over population, in UV it's zealotry and extremism that schism the world and so it is in Eq and F485. Yet in all these stories it is a group of people who see opportunity in dire circumstances. Indeed the idea was as dark as the opportunity itself. And here is the major difference between V and the others. In V the disaster that gives rise to the opportunity was not an eventuality like overpopulation or desease. It was a fabricated pathogen that raged across a nation. The fabricators planned their attack precisely without flaw and they came in control of one of todays *cough* more powerfull nations *cough*.

Also it seemed at first glance, but I am not entirely right. The prime disaster was not fabricated by those who wanted to dominate. It was fabricated by those who thought they could liberate. In V the US overreacted with their little war on terrorism, which ended up dividing the nation and civil war erupted. AND THIS was the prime disaster. Because this launched an era of chaos and made it so that nations could no longer affect eachother properly. For would that have been the situation, the fabricators would not have been able to take control. They would not have been given the opportunity.

And you all say, that will never happen to us. Yet, do YOU know if and how much sensorship is being pressed through the media? Sure the internet is a means of free press, but it's also a place where there is never an impartial party, every oppinion, every sentence, every word carries the load of the writer. Which makes it just as bad as a sensored newsreport. You don't know for sure how exact or true the things said are. you don't who for sure who handles by which motives.

And THAT is the power of the media, for I might say these things here, today. Yet, you will all watch the news tomorrow or read the newspaper and see the pictures and the video footage of places like Beiroet, Israël and Sri Lanka. And you will all think that everything you see is true.
But we do not know. Hezbollah says there are x amount of dead civillians, Israël will count y amount, and the "free" press will come to the conclusion that z people died.
What do we know? NOTHING, at least not enough to pass judgement on one party wihtout adressing the other.
Sure Hezbollah is wrong, everything they stand for is a mischief and deceit, death and fear. All qualities of chaos. Yet, Israël is no better. They could have gone through with this peacefully. They could have asked for international support. As it is now, Israël gave Hezbollah a reason to launch, and both parties are guilty, BUT Israël should have been a mature boy and called for the other kids to help and talk it over. All they did is make the world more afraid of itself. All they did is show that they are more eager to fight and "get even" than to resolve things with words, not lives. They have shown that they are no better than those whom they supposedly hunt, I'm not even gonna write israël with a capital letter aymore, it is not the name of a nation, it is the name of a terrorist organisation.


PS: please don't forget about the other conflicts in the world, yesterday more people died in Sri Lanka as a direct result of the on going civil war than there were people killed in the entire conflict of the last few weeks between hezbollah and israël. And Sri Lanka is not the only place. Consider that.

Im off to bed.



At 11:53 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

that must be the longest bullocks post I've made in... ever!

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Arjan said...

I'm going to read it all tomorrow.
But yes: I've think you can easily rename it: The Longest post ;)

Although I've done my best to spam my blog too with first just a long stream of ranting and after that another post which sums things up far better.

At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Arjan said...

whatyabeensmokin' ;)
---------------end of not serious comment.

Well I can't even start to debate the whole i/Israel thing. The entire thing is so complex and hard to get around.

Is Hezhbollah really ready to talk?
Is Israel really ready to talk?
They both have their own agenda.

Does Hezhbolla only want the piece of Lebanon back that is occupied by Israel for years now or do they want more? And what do they want, and is that something that could be allowed.
What does Israel want etc. (well wiping out all opposition in the countries around them..if push comes to shove).

The problem is, everybody has to live somewhere in Israel, you can't deport (yes you can, but ethically you can't) a people and to where? The problem is that no party will be satisfied the next 50 years or so.
Slicing up Jeruzalem as some people suggest won't help that much because both Palestians and Jews have sacred places sometimes on the same spot.

The problem is bigger than Hezhbollah vs Israel (and those who support them with weapons).
Iran sold/gave weapons to Hezhbollah and the US to Israel (it's not a secret).
And the question is, where do the AK's come from (don't even have to mention it).

So I can't come up with a solution. Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a 'world leader'. There is no fast simple solution where everybody will end up happy.

I think this is by far the longest comment I've ever written.
And in the end I guess I've said nothing.

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Arjan said...

btw...that Fahrenheit thing, is it a book or a movie? You kinda confused me halfway.
And I've got to watch V! *keep it on the pc please*

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Erwin said...

it was originally a book ( I read it for English class) but somewhere in the '60's a movie was made.

the problem is that the warring factions in the middle east have an ancient gov system and they do go way back. Hezbollah might want to lay claim to what they think rightfully belongs to Lebanon, israël will lay claim to it as their land. For was it not god'imself who said they could live there? and wasn't that waaaay before hezbollah even existed?
And so the go on and on and on.

PS: the US dropped an armory in Iran too a couple of years back.

At 11:12 PM, Blogger E-bean said...

The world is supposed to be controlled by some people in power... people are sheep, they need to be controlled.
as simple as that.

problem is... you can't find a decent leader among the sheep

At 2:14 AM, Blogger R2K said...

I dont want to get into the argument, because it will never end if I do.

I personally think Israel has the right to protect its citizens.

I ask you: what would America have done if mexico were shooting dozens of rockets into our country a day? If their troops invaded texas and took several americans back with them? Clearly, we would do the same thing. And I personally think it would be the right thing to do.

I understand how hard life is if you are a muslim in the middle east. Life sucks, they have gone from being the rulers of the world during one period (as most peoples have) to now being poor and often displaced by modern history.

But that is no excuse for terrorism. Any sympathy I have for people is gone as soon as they use the wrong methods. Terrorism is one such, wrong method. Killing innocents is a mistake, and you lose the right then to complain. And I also think, you lose the right to live.

Trust me, Israel could have done much more damage. I think they are showing pretty good restraint in this case. The united states under george bush would probably have blown up mexico city.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

hold it right there boyo. Though it is but an example, it's the history between israël and it's neighbouring countries that makes them so volatile.
Israël didn't attack BECAUSE two soldiers were kidnapped. They attacked WHEN two soldiers were kidnapped, they just needed a valid *cough* excuse.
The middle east is like one of those bottles with two chemicals held apart by a plastic sheet. The soldiers were just a tiny needle sized hole in that sheet.


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