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Saturday, August 20, 2005

holy fruitcakes

Man running a household is hard work, even when you're alone!
I just cleaned the house cause the oldfolks will be home in about 1,5 hours...... good bye free world :'( snif.

Other news: I plyed two patrols against TauTim, one draw, I was 6 points short of a victory, DAMN FOILED AGAIN! and one victory for Timmy boy. And one game versus necrons (2000pts). T was a draw also. DAMn that monolith for soaking up 5 rounds of laZZcannon fire from both my dread and my predator annihilator :'( even bigger snif.
But on the other hand, dance commander (my new commander) finally got his share of reaping taking down a warrior squad together with my assault squad (killing 7, running down the rest).

Next to that I started (last week) 4 new assault marines and some tactical guys. I went haywire on the bases (pics soon to be posted, just need to get a decent cam from somewhere/one).
All for now

pfff, een huishouden runnen is KUTWERK! (props naar mn moeke). Ik heb net het hele huis schoongemaakt omdat mn ouders over ongeveeer 1,5 uur thuis komen van vakantie, goodbye free world... snif.
Wat ook weer kut is, heb je twee wereld weer dagen zit ik binnen (twee potjes w40k, terwijl ik had kunnen beachen bij 't zandgat snif, snif)

das alles



At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should see the enormous amount of dishes that I'm stacking up here. I just don't feel up to doing the dishes right now and there are plenty of plates and glasses to get around.

Haven't cleaned the kittybox yet..will have to do that one today or tomorrow.
In other news: yay lv 13 tauren shaman.

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh and...why the hell didn't you unleash those huge amounts of firepower to a single sq of necrons. They do die when they are wiped out.
On the other hand...that damn monolith asks for it.


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