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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Scarab Project

The what?

Well I was doing on of the bases for my scout snipers yesterday. Thing is there's a chaos marine on it and I wanted to do a home made legion there (I find Iron warriors to shiny for bases, I already have enough destroyed DG And I haven't played any other chaos opponent yet). So I invented the bonewarriors (simple CSM with bony colors dedicated to Khorne). But I wanted more, I wanted to go spiffy on the helmet. So one marine head and two Dark Eldar guns further I got what I can only describe as...... the Sauron Helmet. I'll get a pic up someday and You'll see what I mean.

Anyway after doing the first coat (bubonic brown) I thought to myself.. hey that looks neat. What we have now is a dead bug/scarablike marine with sandy colors... hence scarab legion.

I've mentioned some time ago on the tainted forums that I wanted to start chaos (Thousand Sons actually). And well after this dead-guy-on-a-base my mind started playing around with the idea of the scarab legion.

I'm currently at a stage where I'm saying "Let's start a new army", cause the fluff was done in MERE SECONDS. They are a magic crazed legion (much like the TS), but even more so in utilizing it into there... EVERYTHING. I came up with the idea of grafting/blending marines to tanks/vehicles to represent the legion experimenting with magic. They wanted to really put a marine "into" the tank. (I'm loving the upcoming gs work already) Next to that they are really privy to getting mutations like talons (hey, someone's gotta use all the left over talons Arjan has laying round).
Four gaunt talons are IDEAL for demonic speed and two would work very well for demonic mutation. (ideas are running wild here)

The only thing I need to work out is wether I want to go rubric on all my troops or just Tzeentch the top gits of the army. Cause it wouldn't be fluffy to give my troops the rubric sign, cause they aren't TS.

aaaa.. let me get a CSM box asap..... (I can start work on the champ I promised Rolf for his b-day to)


PS: I was thinking of blending the weapons with champions/sorcerers too.
I'm on a role people! Abaddon can't stop me now!

PPS: Oh, and Arjan, I think we'll need some more GS in the near future.

PPPS: remind me to "borrow" codex chaos from Meijhuizens



At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's cut things short boyo!
1 weren't you one of the guys screaming Ksons were CHEESE?
2 Me and left over must be living in another dimension. Don't know if I'm going to use all stealer talons though..
And putting MC talons on your marines...a bit out of proportion (hehe OOP).
3 they sound like chaos marines that got orally raped by genestealers...transforming in a somewhat strange Stealer marines with a chaos twist *calls out for

4 ..remember 31st of January is is b'day..y'r not gonna make it.

In other news: I haven't done squat this week. Been socially busy and fysically busted.
*no Chris..just lasergaming and far*

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

Never said they were cheese, the cost compensates ze cheese.

I'll "steal" some of them then (only need four for a lieutenant)

hmm MC talons for a Demon Prince? Or for a Defiler :P

Chaos doesn;t get raped, you know that.

I'll make it............. *dreadfull silence* I think I'll start the base now :p

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

almost forgot it's: Meihuizen (not any other strange spelling)

well except for Slaanesh..yes they do.
For the Daemon Prince you at least need 4. After that it's the choice if you want it upright..if so you need to GS the hell out of the legs part and start pinning. Then you have 4 talons on which it can lean. Still have to be carefull that it doesn't tip over.

Ask Albert..Defilers are kinda shitty. Next to that..a bit heavy just to lean on plastic talons. I think they will bend. And you'd need to darn many of them (which I might not be willing to part with - that many that is)

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Erwin said...

hmm, it seems that IF I want to proceed with this endeavour, I will have to cut a deal with you.

How about mail order MC sprues?


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