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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


YES we're back in business. Bigger, better and ... um well that's it actually.
Our harddrive went bonkers and crashed. Luckily we had an on-time warning and backed up all our important stuff, which means I'll have to put back all my personal files tonight. Wooo 3 hours of loading all my school, net, downs and emo stuff.... GREAT!

Ah sweet new hard drive! (250 gigs yay!)
I'd better make up a list of stuff I need to fill all that space with:
1- Music Match box
2- Azureus (oh wait switch them two round)
3- msn (well maybe this one needs to go 2nd and matchbox is third)
4- update all my net-ishness, visit warseer till they're sick of me, poke till they ban me and start blogging again (done)
5- check up on all webcomics.
6- eerrr
7- oh, yeah I wanted to start playing Silver again, maybe, just maybe I can get myself to finally finish the darn game.
8- I think i'll start looking for studio 8 (dreamweaver and such)
That be it.

More emo stuff on me then?
For those that don't know it yet, Daphne and I broke up, aaaaawh, I know it's sad. !AB! has a new room in Groningen (as of saturday), it's bigger and he's sharing an appartment with two chicks, woooo! I so need to stay over soon (after having partied my ass off in Groningen).
I did some pooling on friday (man I suck..... even when I'm sober).
OOh, yeah. I started on a terrain frenzy last sunday and I'm still on it. I'm currently working on:
- An Imperial Outpost
- A crashed trooptransport/in-system freighter
- Hill (ooooh exciting)
- Another hill (even more thrilling)
- Ruined Chapel/temple (this one's gonna be neat!)
I've also got plans on making a trench rich piece of epic proportions. "What", you say? Yes trenchez. I have three sheets of white packing foam stuff (damn i forgot the English name... gah! Piepschuim). They're about 45" by 22". Put them all on top of eachother and start cutting out trenches..... weeeeeeee.
When this is all done we will have a mega battle extravaganza! I'm talking about 2000pts of marines (seen I'm the only one in BFG that can muster 2000pts), and 1500 pts of all other armies* (or something). Let battle commence!


PS: yeah yeah, and I'll lay a hand on the BFg site project somewhere soon. But you'd better not be using firefox when you visit the site! I'll put up a URL when the changes are finished....... in a month or two.

PPS: I'll show you guys some pics of the terrain pieces when I get hold of a decent cam..... next week or so.

*Tau, Necrons/Deathgaurd, Necrons/Imperial Gaurd, Nids, 13th company/DeathWing, Iron Warriors (maybe).



At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Arjan said...

damnit ..we should've asked dad for the cam fryday.
damnit again.

Well..I'm only getting the keys of my room 1st of March and moving on the 4th.

Already have 3 people tricked to check out my old room.

Good good..BfG..well busy week so it may not even see me touching a paintbrush or anything BfG site related.

At 9:54 PM, Blogger E-bean said...



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